A scandal in the health sciences due to the spread of acoustics – Anxiety

Health Sciences students released audio recordings in which a nutrition graduate recommended that students join Franja Morada to communicate with the dean in case of a problem with the job, and to join the Student Center where they do not. You don’t have to do anything, it just shows up in the list. In the audio recording it is indicated that contacting the dean is essential. I greeted myself with him, and he also established a relationship with the court, says the graduate.

These voices are posted on social networks in the context of the ongoing conflict in that college because of student protest because since the start of the epidemic, many exam schedules have been suspended, and there was no possibility to present equations or promote topics, and the academic calendar was not adhered to as is the case in the rest Colleges are also reported.

Students held public demonstrations in February and March targeting Brigadier General Umar Bariyunoyevo and the Student Center led by a sector of Vanga Morada blaming them for failing to defend students’ rights.

Regarding the audio recordings with the call to action for the dean of the upcoming elections at the university, students questioned on the networks about promises of a speedy address regardless of what it caused to other students, and said that they are leaving the phonograms. Light maneuvers of ambition and eternity without limits, without conscience and without thinking about the consequences. The evidence is irrefutable, the intimidation of using a position of authority is skewed, and the use of fear as an element of the campaign is nothing new, but playing with the future of the people is very weak. They indicated that it is not an isolated case, it is a state that repeats itself and does not seem to have an end.

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They also said: Are you not ashamed to thank someone? This is the reason why we are not progressing in the College of Health, why there are so many obstacles, if you are now working for the Dean, you will have benefits and a job. In Catamarca, the connection has always been worth more than the effort or the address. And there it says: You just show up, and you don’t have to do anything. Due to the fact that the dean was running this way, which is why we never had a student center, and we never had student advisors to represent us.

I listened to the audio recordings:

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