A resistance exercise to do in the garden in 20 minutes

If you love sports, you want to improve EnduranceIf you want to do it outdoors, and you also want to do all this quickly, we suggest a workout to help you achieve it.

Training to improve outdoor endurance

As you will see, you do not need any kind of material to perform this routine, so you can do it at home and in the garden without any problem using body weight.

The idea would be to do all the exercises without restBecause it is this kind of work that will help you improve your resistance. We’ll only rest for three minutes at the end of the last exercise and we’ll do another full round, doing two turns in total.

If you are not able to complete the exercise, try putting it down without compromising Technique while maintaining working time.

It is necessary to spend a few minutes to warm up before training. A few minutes of light cardio exercises by general warming And two sets of motion in the joints of the upper and lower body, even a warm-up may suffice.

Since the pace of your training will continue uninterrupted, you will be able to improve your endurance significantly and very effectively.

You can also burn a very large amount of Calories In a relatively short amount of time, but keep in mind that this will come as opposed to the training being very intense.

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It is convenient to have some kind of stopwatch to control the time you allocate to each series. Many mobile applications have alarms that run at intervals, so they can be very useful for these exercises.

Finally remember hydrate well At all times, especially in the peri-training period, when little water loss results in a very significant decrease in performance.

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