A rapist and serial killer was strangled in his California cell

Serial Killer Roger Rhys Kebbe (AFP)

A serial killer, according to the authorities He strangled and raped at least seven women in California Prison authorities said, Wednesday, that he was killed in the same way in his state prison cell.

Roger Reese KebbyAnd the Commonly known as “I-5 Strangler” In the 1970s and 1980s, on Sunday, he is found with his 40-year-old cellmate standing to the side. He was 81 years old.

The Amador County Police Office said an autopsy concluded that the person who strangled Kebe did so with his own hands, describing the death as murder.

Jason Boudreau, the suspect in the death of cellmate Roger Rees Kebbe (Associated Press)
Jason Boudreau, the suspect in the death of cellmate Roger Rees Kebbe (Associated Press)

No charges were filed over Kebe’s death.

In 1991, Kibi was first convicted of suffocation Darcen Frakenbühl, 17, had fled his home in Seattle. The girl’s almost naked body was found in September 1987 west of South Lake Tahoe, at the foot of the Echo Summit Gorge.

Then, investigators said they suspected him of being involved in other similar killings.

however, It wasn’t until 2009 that an investigator in the Federal District Attorney’s Office in San Joaquin County took advantage of new developments in identifying evidence to link it to six other murders. In several northern California counties, where the bodies of many victims were found on Highway 5 or other highways in 1986. Before his death, Kobe was serving multiple life sentences for the murders.

The authorities claimed that they never stopped trying to show this Responsible for other murders. Investigators were taking him out of prison for several tours of the countryside, hoping to reveal the whereabouts of more victims.

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They used to buy him a McMuffin and Coca-Cola egg for breakfast, another Coca-Cola, hamburger and French fries for lunch, Vito Bertucini, the San Joaquin County Department’s private investigator and investigator, told The Sacramento Bee.

Bertokini Kebe has been persecuted for nearly two decades and is believed to have killed other people in the 10-year period between his first and last known murder..

Interrogators said they found other murdered women whose bodies had been thrown on the roads. The corpses marked the Kibbe trademark: the victims’ clothes were cut into bizarre patterns.

He was arrested after Sacramento police said a potential victim had run away and officers recovered a baton made of cylindrical pieces of wood, as well as a parachute cord, scissors, and other items.

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