A question about the Queen of England who annoyed Lionel Scaloni: “I congratulate her from here.”

* The question that deposed Scaloni

Football transcends all spheres of society and the champions of this sport are often involved in situations on various issues that detract from their own and others. The question they asked Lionel Scaloni In the semi-final press conference against Italy fit the concept.

One of the first inquiries was for journalists present in London to be part of Argentina’s DT press conference related to the Queen of England. “This week marks the 70th anniversary of the Queen of England as consort and Queen of England, with all the respect in the world and your keen awareness of the historical differences that exist between Argentina and the United Kingdom, in that case, would you like to send a letter of congratulations or celebration to the Queen of England?”One historian raised.

Trying to hide his shocked face, driver Albiceleste He did not sidestep the suggestion and gave a brief answer: “Of course why not? Congratulations. I didn’t know what to tell me. This is football. Logically I congratulate it on 70 years? Well, great, I congratulate you from here, from the place that touches me”.

Already with a subtle smile on his face, the person in charge of the press conference asked to go to the next consultation but with an explanation: “Another question, more related to football…”.

The band led by Scaloni has been in England ever since Wednesday (from 15.45) Argentina will face Italy in Wembley Stadium for the final, an official title where the Copa America champion faces the European Championship winner. The Albicelestewith his mind on the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year, and then continues his preparations in European lands and Next Sunday they will meet in a friendly match against Estonia In the Sadar Stadium Where the Spanish Osasuna plays the building.

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Regarding the unexpected consultation with DT, the reporter was referring to the fact that in February this year Elizabeth II – 95 years old – meet 70 years as Queen of EnglandA position he has held since 1952. During the next few hours, a celebration will be held in the United Kingdom to commemorate the “Platinum Jubilee”, with celebrations beginning on Thursday and continuing for four days. The date chosen for June 2 is connected with the fact that by that time it will have been seven decades since her formal coronation at Westminster Abbey as Queen.

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