A question about a boy who moved the leader of the World Health Organization in the middle of the conference

Carl Van Kerkhove asked his mother when the epidemic would end. I burst into tears. (Photo: Caputra de Video).

One year and six months after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Maria Van Kerkhove, one of the officials The most important World Health Organization He got emotional in a TV talk before A reflection of your son Carl. “The hardest thing was being separated from my mother for a long time when she came back from China”The little boy commented very sincerely while his mother looked at him with teary eyes. Van Kerkhove was part of WHO Nine-Day Mission to China in February 2020 To study the new disease.

Minutes later, the moderator offered Carl Van Kerkhove to ask his mother and Mike Ryan a question, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program. The little boy didn’t miss his chance and Ask him what everyone expects: “When do you think Covid-19 will end?”

After a few seconds of glances in which both specialists delegated responsibility for the answer, Maria van Kerkhove took the word in complete sincerity: “I’ll try not to cry. I’d like to know,” Via the famous epidemiologist, who quickly gave the floor Mike Ryan.

I know it will end faster if we do the right things.” It was the CEO’s first response to Carl Little’s query. Also, Ryan extended his answer and explained How to do the right things NS Accelerating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I know it will end sooner if vaccines reach the whole world (…). If we protect ourselves and protect others. I know it will end faster when hospitals are more powerful and able to provide care. If it all comes together, maybe sooner rather than later. Our problem is to share fairly.”Director stated.

When she recovered from crying, the epidemiologist presented her view to her son: We don’t have an answer yet as to how quickly this pandemic will end. But with your help, your brother’s help, your parents’ help, and other children around the world, we’ll be able to come close to the end,” the doctor said. Van Kerkhove.

“If we do things right, it will end faster,” Mike Ryan, the WHO body, responded. (Photo: Adobe Stock).by: Stunning studio – stock.adobe.com

The meeting was part of the face-to-face and virtual meetings that the health agency held with the public from all over the world in order to Clarify suspicions about the virus with two Senior specialists of the World Health Organization.

Van Kerkhove was born in United State He holds a master’s degree in epidemiology from the College of Medicine in Stanford University and PhD in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology from the College of Health and Tropical Medicine London.

It should be noted that until July 29, 2021, approximately one year and six months after the first case of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Nearly 194 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide. 4,158,041 people died, The social, mental and economic impact of the pandemic may last for years.

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