A psychologist highlights this as one of the main differences in American culture.

Clinical psychologist Gloria Palaghi was previously interviewed Country To talk about his great coaching experience elite athletesHe emphasized that the American society model suffers from “many deficiencies.”

As the professional, who has lived three decades in the United States and is now part of the Spanish synchronized swimming team, explains, the problem is that “society is constantly telling us what’s important.”

“But, of course, to whom?” He asked rhetorically, then explaining what American society is like: “I’ve lived in the United States for many years. This is a very individualistic culture. What society gives you says that the most important thing is that you, as an individual, are the best.”

But he stressed that “this is not the case in all cultures because there is a lot of cooperation.” In this type of model, “satisfaction is real, and the concept of success lies in improving the whole group.”

Although she admits she is “very competitive,” Balague affirmed that she feels “more comfortable” in the form the team deals with: “It’s not worth it for me to be isolated and not have a group that rises and improves with me.”

For this reason, the American model sees “many shortcomings, which is very noticeable in team sports, because despite being able to have a very good group of super-athletes, often they don’t have a team,” the expert ruled.

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