A plastic surgeon reconstructs the face of a worker who was working at home when he noticed he had a rare deformity in his nose


December 31, 2021 15:22 GMT

A plastic surgeon in a New York hospital met the man while he was working at home and selflessly decided to help him.

A New York worker who suffered from a rare facial deformity has had his nose reconstructed thanks to the generosity of a plastic surgeon who operated on him for free.

Conrado Ramos Estrada, 57 years old, citizen of From Guatemala, he had a disproportionate and deformed nose due to rhinitis. Its causes are unknown, but it is classified as a type of dermatitis.

The condition made simple tasks such as eating and breathing difficult for the man, as his nose was hanging over his mouth. “They were staring at me”, guess The man to the New York Post. He added, “The children asked their mothers what happened to me, and I avoided this by wearing a muzzle all the time.”

Dr. Thomas Romo, a plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, told the same media that he learned of Estrada’s conditions at the end of August, when he was working at home. The doctor believes that “this must affect his life”, “his relationship with others, his ability to get a job and his self-esteem”.

Romo, who runs the Little Baby Face Foundation, which provides facial surgery to underprivileged children, decided to help the man for free. “I saw this guy and said to my staff, ‘Let’s take care of him.’ I said, ‘Make it a reservation.'” We will not charge it any fees. “

After completing the necessary procedures, the surgeon and his team operated on Estrada about a month later and now confirms that the procedure was a success, with an appreciable change. “It was great to be in his presence,” Romo said. “Just looking at him, I could see his height, his smile, all the things we’d never seen before. This is the guy who’s changed.”

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