A nine-year-old girl finds this interesting fossil on a beach in the UK

12/28/2022 at 07:00


A girl has discovered a prehistoric bear tooth dating back 700,000 years ago on a UK beach

At first the little girl thought it was a piece of petrified wood

A nine-year-old girl was walking on the beach with her family and found a prehistoric bear’s tooth. As Al-Batal told British media BBC, at first, when she saw what she found, she thought it was a piece of petrified wood. When they took the fossil to an expert on the subject, he revealed the truth. It was not a piece of wood, quite the opposite, it was the remains of an animal, namely the bear ancestor of the brown bear.

This news, which made the scientific community happy, is nothing unusual. The BBC has reported in its many entries made over the years of similar findings on UK beaches. This is because ground erosion and tides led to the discovery of the remains that were under meters of earth. Now because these factors are visible and can be seen in plain sight without digging.

Possession of these items is prohibited in Spain. However, if someone finds this kind of remains, they can contact the responsible authorities to hand them over.

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