A new, unique, free-to-play FUT Mega Pack appears

If it appeared yesterday New five player pack +84 in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team today The thematic collection “The Silver Beasts” has made a comeback. So, once again, it lets you have a unique free to play Megapack.

The pack usually costs 55,000 coins when issued in the store as a transfer. In this case it will be non-transferable and includes Thirty unique gold coins Among players, consumables and club items.

I personally believe in that Silver monsters are less interesting In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Because new ways to get free packs and pick players are constantly popping up. So his unique Mega Pack is not as attractive as in the past.

Instead of just building a team to exceed these goals, I’m going to try Beat other challenges like the First Takeover Party or just advance through the game modes. Although by no means do notice his return, in case that interests you.

Away from this There may be other challenges coming soon that can be completed in conjunction with these challenges. Not possible with most Bergkamp Trophy Junior Titans iconbut we may have that option with others.

FIFA 23 – The Silver Beasts Goals

  • Expiration date: Wednesday, April 26, at 7:00 pm Spanish time.
  • Total reward: Unique non-tradeable Mega Pack + 500 XP.
  • Individual reward for each target: 1 player +75 non-tradable +450 experience.
  • silver 74: Score 10 goals with a player totaling 74 minutes in Squad Battles (or Rivals) on the lowest Amateur difficulty with 11 Silvers in the starting XI.
  • Getting to the top: Score 20 goals in Squad Battles (or Rivals) on at least Amateur difficulty with 11 Silvers in the starting lineup.
  • Silver winner: Win 5 Squad Battles (or Rivals) on at least Amateur difficulty with 11 Silver players in the starting squad.
  • hats off: Score 3 goals with a Silver player in 3 separate Squad Battles (or Rivals) matches on the lowest Pro difficulty with 11 Silver players in your starting lineup.
A lot of Bergkamp’s goals require using older versions of him as a starter, so we couldn’t get the smaller Titans trophy while taking on The Silver Beasts.

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