A new trick to make your cell phone run faster

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Many people have a portable operating system Android mid-range or low, and on several occasions the smartphone tends to sluggish with power on Usage and storage time.

There are several steps that can be taken to make a cell phone work as it did on the first day it was purchased. To perform this procedure, it is not necessary to download third-party applications, but using Simple steps of configuration can be done.

How to speed up a cell phone?

One of the main conditions that must be observed in order to increase the speed of our cell phone with it android system, is to increase the memory capacity. Currently, there are few smartphones that have the ability to increase RAM. In the case of those devices with an internal memory of 4 GB, they may have two additional devices.

If you want to increase capacity 4 to 6 GB mobile phone, You have to enter “Settings”, then go to “Systems or Accessibility” and select the option Increase RAM.

Free up mobile space so that it works better like WhatsApp or other apps

Although there are many third-party apps for cleaning space on a cell phone, most of them come from the factory with an option in the Performance or Battery section.

To perform the operation, it is only necessary to press Clean button and smartphone cache It will clean and close applications that have not been used for a long time but are still open in the background.

Apps that we don’t use and take up space

Another task that can be done so that the cell phone does not start to shutdown and runs quickly is to delete those applications that Do not use and occupy space, Plus update in the background and spend gigabytes of connection.

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Usually many of them cause the cell phone to freeze, battery to turn off suddenly, or battery to overheat.

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