A new study shows that this is the disease that affects swimmers on Chilean beaches

In the Chilean Journal of Audiology A study conducted by experts from Andres Bello UniversityIt was discovered that swimmers on Chilean beaches suffer from diseases that affect their hearing.

Experts from Dar Al Dirasat analyzed the case of 67 people (134 ears in total) who repeatedly entered the ocean on the beaches of cities renaka And with within the Valparaiso region, where the water temperature varies between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius.

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These are people who exercise regularly browse And body boardingWhere a questionnaire was applied that revealed the details of their experience to know their physical condition.

What pathology did they find?

It comes to Sepsis of the external auditory canal (ECAE)which is also known as a condition “surfer’s ear”This is due to its spread among those who practice water sports, especially when they enter the icy waters.

Those who suffer from this condition have it Excessive bone growth in one or both ears. They usually start growing in the deepest parts of the ear canal, but spread to the most superficial areas.

In the Chilean study, a prevalence of ECAE of 77.6% was observed in the studied population. In most cases, diseases affected the ears of athletes.

Constant exposure to freezing ocean water exacerbates cases of infection, and the narrower the size of the ear, the more likely they are to accumulate earwax or water, putting them at risk of infection that could lead to infection. hearing loss.

According to information from Britain’s Royal National Institute of the Deaf (RNID)A simple way to avoid refraction of the external auditory canal Avoid entering ice water or using earplugs To protect the inner structure of the ear.

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The problem with the Chilean case is that this investigation also revealed that 62.3% of the participants do not use such protective equipment when entering the sea.

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