A new part of Pope Francis’ health: They have done studies and he is doing well after surgery

File photo of Pope Francis in the Vatican. (Reuters/Remo Caselli)

Pope Francis, 84, is progressing positively from the colon surgery he underwent last Sunday at Gemelli Polyclinic. from Rome and All the tests you’ve takenincluding computed tomography, It was negative The Vatican today.

“His Holiness Pope Francis had a quiet day feeding and moving independently”, The Director of the Press Room of the Holy See said: Matteo BruniIn a statement issued this afternoon, it was stated that “In the late afternoon he had a fever a few tenths.”

“This morning he underwent routine examinations, microbiological tests and a computerized tomography (CT) scan of the chest and abdomen, which were negative”The Vatican spokesman added.

Francisco, who will have to spend another four days in the hospital, if there are no complications, “He continues his scheduled treatments and oral feeding.”

The Pope underwent surgery this Sunday for “Acute diverticular stenosis with signs of sclerotic diverticulitis” in which Part of your colon has been removed and that it requires general anesthesia in a programmed intervention.

Statue of John Paul II in front of Gemelli Hospital in Rome, where Francis is admitted to the hospital.  (Reuters/Guglielmo Manjiapan)
Statue of John Paul II in front of Gemelli Hospital in Rome, where Francis is admitted to the hospital. (Reuters/Guglielmo Manjiapan)

In the memo, the Holy See made it clear “In the afternoon, he wanted to show his paternal closeness to the young patients in the adjacent department of pediatric oncology and pediatric neurosurgery, and sent them his warm regards.”

“At this very moment, he turns his gaze to all who suffer, showing his closeness to the sick, especially to those most in need of care.” added.

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If development continues as before, It is not excluded that the Pope will be able to hold Sunday prayers from the hospital windowHis only planned activity is in July, when he has reduced his actions to the maximum comfort level, according to local media, although there is no official confirmation.

Diverticular disease is very common in western society It affects nearly 65% ​​of the population over the age of 85, according to gastroenterologists.

The purpose of the type of operation that Francisco underwent is Reduce problems caused by diverticulosis, a small hernia in the wall of the colon with a wide range of clinical symptoms including bleeding and inflammation (diverticulitis) or associated complications.

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