A new Google Earth update shows how the Earth has changed in the past 40 years | Four-dimensional interactive map

Google has updated the time lapse (time series) function for Google Earth to observe The Earth has been changing for nearly 40 years. In addition, it has introduced a new feature in Google Maps, so that users can mark the red “path” when they lose sight of it.

As the company explained about the new update, the Google Earth timeline time lapse feature is a fast-paced view It shows how the Earth has changed over time, thanks to millions of satellite images.

This timeline contains images of nearly four decades of changes, since records began in 1984. To this article, Google has added photographs from 2021 and 2022, with a “fast-paced” function, Displays an interactive map in four dimensions.

in this way, Users will only have to search for a prominent country, place or region that they would like to see its development over all these years, And the sequence will start playing automatically.

You can also select year by year to take a closer look at a particular point, according to a Google statement.

These accelerated sequences are possible thanks to organizations such as NASA, USGS or EU, that provide open and accessible data, such as satellite imagery, necessary to be able to create this type of content globally.

News in google maps

On the other hand, Google Maps has also introduced a novelty in its service that will help the user Locate the red “tack”. Highlights a location when you swipe across the screen and miss it.

The company only made the official announcement Some users have already started seeing directions while navigating Mapswhich takes you directly to the point where you marked the red pushpin on the map.

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The novelty, shared by Android Police, avoids one of the problems with the Google Maps service: navigating the screen and losing sight, without knowing how to get back to it.

with the new pointer, The user can either follow the direction of the arrow to locate the thumbtack or click directly on it to automatically take it to the point where it is installed.

From Android Police they point out that this functionality is rolled out globally, in principle, in the Google Maps mobile app.

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