A new escape for the Pope from the Vatican, this time to a record store in Rome

rome-in Pope Francis was surprised again today by one of his unexpected adventures from the Vatican, this time, at once Historic record store located near the Pantheon, in heart The historical center of Rome.

It was the well-known Spanish Vatican passing by, Javier Martinez Brual, director of the Rome Reporting Agency, who made “scoopThe moment of the departure of the Supreme Pontiff from Record store “StereoSound” by Della Minerva, after 19 (local time). over there, The Pope arrived and left in a white Fiat 500, almost in stealth mode, with low profile And as usual, with minimal accompaniment.

According to Vatican sources for LA NACION, The pope didn’t buy any records, he just went to visit the record store owners, who has known for a long time that he is an old client. Because they just renovated the building, The Pope, who stayed for more than ten minutes, chatted with themI blessed the business and took some records as a gift. He entered at 19 and left at 19.15. Brocal told LA NACION.

Before his election to the throne of Pedro, in March 2013, the former Archbishop and Cardinal of Buenos Aires walked a lot and knew very well the Panteón neighborhood where the record store was located, because it is there, several blocks away, where House of the Clergy of Via della Scrofa, the Vatican church hotel where he used to stay (Which went to pay the next day of your choice). Lover of classical music and operaAt that time, Jorge Bergoglio became friends with the owners of the music store that is famous today.

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This is not the first time that the Pope has been surprised by his sudden, unplanned departure, almost undercover, from the Vatican. On another occasion he went to a optics From Via Sistina, near Piazza del Popolo and again, at A orthopedic materials Close to Via Gregorio VII. Although he always wanted to go unnoticed, he was always “caught” in his adventures by the photographer.

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