A new AT&T service outage has affected customers across the United States

A major AT&T service outage was reported, affecting customers in various cities in the United States. (Archives)

AT&T I experienced a major outage that affected customers throughout United State This afternoon, Tuesday, June 4th.

According to a report sent to CNNThe company admitted that there was a problem that prevented many users from completing calls between different phone companies, despite making calls between customers AT&T Its implementation continued. However, many users on social networks expressed the complete outage of the service.

Down detectorA website that monitors service outages recorded an increase in reports of service problems from the American telecommunications company since about one o'clock in the afternoon (Eastern time). Includes cities with the most reports New York, chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, pittsburgh And Indianapolis.

AT&T says it's working to quickly diagnose and fix the issue. (Archives)

In a statement by a spokesman AT&T He stated, “Operators are working as quickly as possible to diagnose and resolve the problem.” The company did not specify the exact number of affected customers.

Despite the outage, the communications service provider reported that calls to 911 were workingalthough problems have been reported in places like the province Camden in Georgia And Scranton in PennsylvaniaHe also confirmed Letters of News.

These counties issued alerts on social media warning of interrupted 911 calls, however AT&T It was stated that notifications were received in error after accidentally activating the notification template. The company is investigating the reasons for this massive failure.

This outage comes less than four months after a major outage that left the telecom operator's network without service for approximately 12 hours in… United State In February. On that occasion, Tens of thousands of customers were unable to make phone calls, send text messages, access emergency services or connect to the Internet Due to network failure AT&T.

The company is aware that there are issues completing calls between different phone companies. (Archives)

In March, the telecom company announced that it had been hacked in a separate incident, and that the stolen data included sensitive information such as social security numbers for account holders. These types of incidents raise concerns among users about the reliability and security of the company's services.

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Affected users continued to report issues in the hours following the first report. AT&T He was in the process of diagnosing, but had not yet provided a final solution or a clear estimate of when the situation would be resolved.

This is the second power outage in less than four months, and we need permanent answers and solutions“, said one of the telecom operator’s customers, quoted as saying CNN. This feeling was repeated among many users who depend on the company's services in their daily and practical communications.

The company insisted that it was doing everything it could to fix the problem “as quickly as possible,” however The lack of specific details about the origin of the issue and the number of users affected has created uncertaintyEspecially in areas that have reported difficulties when trying to contact emergency services.

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