A nano-fusion of science and cheese

Albert Wert, center, with his txapela as the Brothers of Merit, backed by a broad representation of the UPV and other sisters. / Navy


This Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood of Cheese, with the support of UPV, paid tribute to Nobel Prize winners Albert Wert and Peter Grunberg.

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Supported by broad academic representation at the highest level, led by the Dean of UPV, Eva Ferreira, the Idiazabal Cheese Brotherhood finally paid tribute yesterday to its honorable brothers since 2015 and Nobel Prize winners, Albert Wert and Peter Grunberg, in this posthumous state. Date that the conditions and the epidemic have delayed nearly five years.

A little after ten in the morning, in the public hall, after the solemn welcome, the sounds of txistu and tamboril, which take in this hall a particularly solemn volume, give way to the Agurra dance by Anitz Arraiza Lekuona.

Immediately thereafter, the city’s mayor, Ador Izinaro, raised the responsibility which, in turn, involved serving as Cofried’s mayor, as an exercise, the equation; Ediazabal, Ordesia, and Science cheese, which was encouraged to remove, based on a premise that positions cheese as a unique biotech product, “a remarkable invention that enabled our ancestors to make a perishable product like milk over time, creating a new delicious and nutritious food that they could pass on.” Easily to anywhere.Knowing and understanding all the biochemical processes that take place in the production of any cheese, especially in Idiazabal, is essential to know how to improve it.For this reason, we must thank UPV for all the research it has done over the years, because thanks to this scientific effort The Idiazabal cheese we eat today is better.”

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Ezenarro alluded to the origin of the city, to its five-hundred-year-old fair, in which Idiazabal cheese is still a specialty product today.

He concluded that today the people of Ordesia would like to thank Albert Wert and Peter Grunberg for their invaluable assistance in making Ediazabal cheese and the name Ordysia known throughout the world.

Professor of Materials Physics, Julián González of Ordizia, reviewed the two international conferences the city hosted in 2011 and 2015. “If organizing a conference – as he emphasized – was really difficult, organizing it in Ordizia was a challenge. Since there is no big hotel here, we had to resort to the hotel beds located from Legazpi to Tolosa.” In any case, the double success that thanked everyone who participated: the nanomagnetism group at UPV in Donostia, and Professors Albert Wert and Peter Grunberg, whose participation, I emphasize, “were decisive. Two conferences that put Ordysia on the scientific map of the world ».

Julián González himself received a diploma bearing the name of Peter Grünberg as a brother of merit, a txapela, and other gifts which he would send to the institute bearing his name, in the German city of Jülich.

Leire Arandia, after noting the origin of the brotherhood and the work it does, emphasized the relationship and cooperation that it has maintained and maintains, in many circumstances and events, with UPV. Similarly, on behalf of the Idiazabal Heroes, Manolo Iturrioz explained that since they joined the Idiazabal congregation, both Nobel Prize winners have expressed relief at the fact that they joined the Brotherhood. “So far, in the case of Albert Wert, he contributes more to our goals than he gets,” he said. He emphasized that it is another personal characteristic that he adopts, because the scientific qualities are indisputable.

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Iturioz referred to Vert’s birthplace, a farm in the Carcassonne region, and the close relationship he had with nature. Taking advantage of the fact that we were in Ordizia, the sports professor’s past as a rugby player in his youth, years, showed a review in which they trained a scrum using a cart loaded with opposite bags of flour.

As a climax, Eva Ferreira, Dean of UPV, stressed that talking about Albert Wert was not only talking about a great researcher but also a friend from Ordizia, Gipuzkoa and UPV, the university that joined the tribute. UPV whose faculty is Professor Wirt, which without wanting to brag about the international academic context leads us to be in a very good position. Now it’s up to us to punch a hole in Ordizia, and make it a part of our university.”

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