A mysterious brain disease appears in Canada

Doctors in Canada can’t believe it new disease that are being developed in the country. It Variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disorder, a rare fatal condition that attacks the brain. Some symptoms are hhigh memoryAnd Behavior changes s Coordination difficulties.

The neurologist at the University Hospital Center, Dr. Georges L. Dumont, confirms that doctors first encountered the bewildering disease in 2015. At the time, it was justisolated and atypical case“However, since then there have been more patients like the first.

expand cases

Enough amount , 48 cases in the country, so doctors can now identify the group as patients with a different condition, Syndrome ‘never seen before’. However, they do not rule out that it is a broader phenomenon outside the region.

This is ensured by Dr. Alier Marrero, who also specializes in this field Symptoms are extensive and may vary between patients. “Initially, there can be behavioral changes such as anxiety, depression, and irritability, along with unexplained pain, muscle aches, and cramps in previously healthy people,” he explains.

Symptoms are wide and varied

“that’s enough annoying Because, for example, a patient might say to his wife, ‘I’m sorry, madam, you can’t sleep, I’m a married man’ and even if the wife told him her name, he would reply: ‘You are not realDr. Marrero admits.

Other symptoms trouble sleeping (extreme insomnia or hypersomnia), memory problems, Language deficiency moving fast Weight loss Muscular atrophy, as well as visual disturbances, coordination problems and involuntary muscle spasms.

treatment or treatment?

Unfortunately There is no cure For this condition, after Helps relieve discomfort of some symptoms. For now, the theory is that The disease is acquired, not hereditary. “Our first thought is that there is a file toxic element acquired in this patient’s environment and lead to degenerative changes,” says the doctor.

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Another theory is chronic exposure to what is known as “Excessive toxins“such as domoic acid, which was linked to a food poisoning incident in 1987 by contaminated mussels from the neighboring province of Prince Edward Island. However, experts warn that the current list of theories about this rare disease”not completed yet“.

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