A movie shot in Rwanda and another in Detroit (USA) used the screens in the movie library this weekend

This weekend, November 12 and 13, the Zaragoza Film Library is showing two films that were shot in an e-waste landfill in Rwanda and in the industrial city of Detroit (USA) with rising levels of unemployment and marginalization in the 1990s.

On Saturday, November 12 at 6 p.m., Curtis Hanson’s “8 Mile / 8 Millas”, set in 2022 and starring Emineen, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy, Mickey Pfeiffer, is scheduled.

This 112-minute film features hip-hop music from the 90s and Anna Puyol and Francesc Tamaret “Fuethefirst” will feature in screening and discussion.

The protagonist, Jimmy Smith, nicknamed “Rabbit,” lives in a slum in Detroit where the population is predominantly black. He is a white boy with a passion for hip-hop, has problems with his girlfriend, has financial difficulties and his relations with his mother are not very harmonious. His only outlet is music and his life is very similar to that of Eminem, because he is a young rapper who vents his anger through music.

Director Hanson presents, in addition to a classic American film, a portrait of the Detroit rapper and rapper, with Eminem making himself a legendary hero, halfway between biographical reality and fiction, and above all, with some great rap duels, which here Replace boxing tournaments or KMT movies. Sunday

For the next day, Sunday, November 13, 6:00 p.m., “Neptune Frost” directed by Anisia Osman and Saul Williams, filmed in 2021, performed by Cheryl Ishiga, Bertrand Nintritsi, Eliane Umuhair. I have seen.

At 95 minutes long, it can be heard in the original version which includes Swahili, French, English and Kirundi. It is set in an e-waste dump in Burundi, where a group of anti-colonial hackers attempt to overthrow an authoritarian regime that exploits the region’s natural resources and its people.

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A bisexual hacker and Coltan miner will lead that fight, resulting in the “infamous” showdown between Afrofuturism and William Gibson’s cyberpunk, the movie library has put forward in a press release.

Anisia Ozeman is an actress, writer, and filmmaker. As an actress, she starred in “Aujourd’hui” and “Ayiti, Mon Amour”. In 2016, she released her first film as a director, Dreamstates, which was shot entirely using smartphones. In 2021 he published his first book “Saolomea, Saolomea!” , the year his second feature film, Neptune Frost, premiered at Cannes.

The other co-director, Saul Williams is a poet, musician, actor, and filmmaker. He graduated in philosophy from Morehouse University, holds a master’s degree in fine arts from New York University, and has recorded numerous spoken word and hip-hop albums. He gave a show, in 2011, at La Casa Encendida, in the framework of the Juxtaposicions Festival.

As an actor, he starred in “Slam”, which was awarded at the Cannes and Sundace festivals, among others. In 2021, he released his first movie “Neptune Frost”, his first film as a director.

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