A miniseries about the first African-American female billionaire in the United States.

The production consists of only one season of four episodes. Watch the trailer.

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Netflix's extensive catalogue includes an excellent miniseries to learn more about the story of the first African-American woman to become a millionaire in the United States. The production consists of only one season and 4 episodes.

Self Made is a four-part series starring American actress Octavia Spencer, which reflects the life of Walker, a black woman from a poor background who learned how to become a mega-millionaire with a formula that makes her hair grow.


four scoundrels

Madam CJ Walker: A Self Made Woman is a Netflix miniseries.

Based on the autobiography “On Her Own Ground” by Alelia Bundles, This biographical drama series tells the story of pioneer and black hair care mogul Madame C.J. Walker, Sarah Breedlove real nameBorn into a poor family in 1867, in Louisiana, where his parents were slaves.

Walker learned how to become a millionaire from scratch, just by betting on her intellect and drive. It's a story of overcoming perseverance and success with Octavia Spencer in a delightful role.

The heroine noticed that her hair was falling out and was afraid that she would go bald. So, with the help of her barber brothers, she started experimenting with different products and ended up creating a formula to make hair grow back. Since the invention worked, other people wanted to try it. Thus, Walker began selling his revolutionary product door to door.

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This work is done at dawn. Twentieth centuryAt a time when beauty standards were closely tied to the stereotype of the white European woman, and there were no products that highlighted the appearance of black women at the time, he also had to struggle and win against racism, sexism and many other characteristics of the time. And he went far beyond that.

Trailer for Madam C.J. Walker: A Self-Made Woman, a Netflix miniseries

Cast of Madam C.J. Walker: A Self-Made Woman, Netflix Miniseries

  • Octavia Spencer as Mrs. C.J. Walker
  • Tiffany Haddish as Lilia
  • Carmen Ejogo as Addie
  • Garrett Morris as Cleophus Walker
  • Kevin Carroll as Ransom
  • J. Alphonse Nicholson as John Robinson
  • Blair Underwood as Charles Joseph Walker

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