A MEME-inspired NETFLIX mini-series that became an April sensation

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the memes They have a power that we can’t underestimate and that is that even though their goal is generally to make people laugh, the importance that they have has led them to inspire one of the most important entertainment platforms in the world yeah we’re talking about Netflix-Did you know that there is a meme inspired Series Man from Florida (Florida man)?

It’s a fun police tragicomedy created by screenwriter Donald Todd and premiered on April 13 with an “unusual” and “disrespectful” story, as described by the content platform itself and how could it not be, if series It was taken from an internet meme, do you know which one?

A man from Floridastarring Edgar Ramirezand Abbey Lee and Anthony LaPaglia which consists of 7 episodes of 50 minutes each, inspired by one of the internet’s hottest memes, it’s about “Florida man‘, a popular trend on Twitter in which various images of very unique crime reports appear in said city.

What do we mean by singular? Well, the browsers’ speakers searched for the words Florida man“, along with their date of birth, and among the results usually appear reports of criminal incidents but in unusual situations, for example these:

A man from Florida He tries to kill his neighbors with kindness.”

“Arrested A man from Florida After some witnesses said he practiced karate with swans.”

A man from Florida Shirtless got into a fight with a tree after being told to stay away from students.”

Although it is not a single meme, but a trend that is growing in the strange case of crimes in flThe truth is, more than one has enjoyed the situation, and series to Netflix Don’t say it, because although its creator drew inspiration from these cases to bring it to life, the story is perfect for laughs.

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What’s the Florida man talking about? Netflix series

summary: A disgraced, heavily indebted cop is forced to return to him fl A citizen for a shady mission that turns into a deadly manhunt. The drama shows us a crime story in a famous city in the United States where Mike Valentinea personality Edgar Ramirez He’s looking for a runaway girlfriend for a Philadelphia mob boss, but in the process may find more than just his original target.

Also in the cast are Otmara Marrero, Lex Scott Davis and Emory Cohen.

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