‘A lot was touched behind the scenes’

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Sports are constantly changing. ascend the esportsand specialties such as browseThe skating or the break dance It is becoming more and more popular. while others love Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or the wrestling They have become real social phenomena.

There has always been a long way to go for such sports. This is even more true for the women who chose to make history in each of these disciplines. When it comes to wrestling, names like Becky LynchAnd the Ronda Rossi or Charlotte’s Taste These are just some of the notable people in this department.

Now the women in WWE and wrestling in general are real superstars. But it wasn’t always this way. Confirmed with the audiobook Fight: childhood in Berlin, love for wrestling. The Brothers of the poet (Ahmed and Hussein) He talked about this amazing discipline and he told us too Build Some entrances and exits.

Ahmed El Shaer explained what those beginnings were in the “world” of wrestling for women. This confirmed that the environment “was very bad at the time”. From “forcing” them to change by their side to “feeling them behind the scenes”. He even asserted that his brother “had to intervene” on one occasion when “another fighter severely beat one of his partners”.

unbearable situations

In the above interview, the fighter spoke about the beginning of women’s wrestling: “Yes, it was very bad at that time. When the first women came to train, we immersed ourselves. There were no opponents. So they just had to train with the guys. We take our girls for a ride and experience difficult things. Many women were groped behind the scenes and forced to change with the men.”

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In addition, he mentioned some of the incidents he experienced in the first person: “My brother also had to intervene once when a fighter hit one of our fighters so hard. It got to the point that men were hanging out in front of the women’s locker rooms and trying to peek inside. bad. There were also frequent incidents between fighters and supporters. These are not often handled well. Bad moment.”

A turning point for women in this world came from United State. There they began to gain fame, although he also mentioned that his role in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) It was key to ending breaking down some barriers.

“As women in the US are starting to get more and more real matches, not just bra and panty matches. The success of women in the UFC has contributed a lot as well. The year 2020 saw the final blow with the #Speak Out Loud initiative. Many women shared their negative stories and revealed the last vestiges of the old mentality that still linger.”


It was in 2020 when the #Speak Out Loud movement appeared (which can be translated as “tothe audacity to speak) in social networks means a movement of change and denunciation of professionals. This is how dozens of complaints of harassment, abuse, assault and sexual coercion began to emerge. These unfortunate incidents were caused by the independent fighters themselves and also by the giant that is WWE.

From United kingdom To the United States, passing through Chile. The fighters were distinguished and the companies came to take exemplary measures against them. If a woman is found to be molested or assaulted, she is suspended indefinitely. even in David LaganaVice President of WNA He was among the accused. That is why he put his resignation on the table.

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Brazilian wrestler Thai county He even said at the time that many tried to make it appear that it was their fault: “They will make you feel that this is your fault, that you were looking for abuse, that it was because of the clothes you were wearing, the pictures you uploaded to your networks, the way you spoke and your nationality.” It seems that all this is a thing of the past and that the fighters now have a voice, but above all, they have respect.

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