A look ahead to the final day of the FIBA ​​Qualifiers

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The 2023 World Cup will take place between August 25 and September 10 of that year.EFE

With Canada and the United States as our only one-day qualifiers, The FIBA ​​Americas Qualifiers enter their deciding phase: next Sunday, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil will fight for the five remaining World Cup spots. Which will be held in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

this thursday, United States (9-2) Beat Uruguay in Montevideo and join Canada (10-1)Losing to Argentina, they have an unbeaten record in the qualifiers, as the only countries in the continent have qualified for the World Cup, which will be held between August 25 and September 10, 2023.

Panama (2-9) and the Bahamas (3-8) from Group E, and Colombia (3-8) from Group F, have already run out of chances for the World Cup, while Uruguay (5-6) have been added to this list of players. Losing to Team USA.

Next, we review the status of the six teams that will determine the last five places for the World Cup on Sunday, February 26, with a reminder that the first three selected teams from each region and the fourth best will get tickets to the Asian continent.

Venezuela (8-3; +138)

Red wine is not mathematically classified, but barring disaster, it will be present in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. On Thursday, they beat the Bahamas at home, and next Sunday they take on a secretive but always dangerous Canada, although only one scenario would leave Fernando Duro’s side off the field.

In the event of a win, they will secure their place in the World Cup, while in a loss they must expect the following set of results: that Argentina beat the Dominican Republic by at least 20 points from Canada against Venezuela itself; Brazil defeats the United States. Mexico overtakes Uruguay. Puerto Rico beats Colombia.

Given that all contenders in Group E have a record of 8-3, better than the trio in Group F (7-4), the fourth from the Venezuelan region can fight for the best fourth only if the other three teams win. related obligations.

However, Vinotino has an advantage against Argentina in the match (won 1 game each, but Venezuela by 13 points and Argentina by 3) and a draw against the Dominican Republic (+4 and -2), as well as a superior overall score (+138 vs. +119) .

Dominican Republic (8-3; +119)

The team led by Nestor García is facing a situation almost similar to that of Argentina, their rival next Sunday in Mar del Plata, the venue for Che’s last match as coach of Albiceleste. Both have the “edge” on record over Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil, but are in a somewhat more uncomfortable position than Venezuela.

If the Dominican Republic beats Argentina, then it will be present at the next World Cup, without counting on other results, but if it does not prevail at home, then only a group of results will be excluded: victories of Puerto Rico (in Colombia), Mexico (in Uruguay) and Brazil (in their homeland United State).

As indicated in the previous clause, Che García’s team can qualify for a loss if their weakness against Argentina is at least 20 points less than Venezuela’s against Canada.

Argentina (8-3; +83)

The current world runner-up would secure their place by defeating the Dominican Republic at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center in Mar del Plata.

Drawn with Venezuela and unable to match the record with the Dominican Republic, a loss at home would leave the last FIBA ​​AmeriCup champions trailing other group results.

If one of the three “rivals” from the other region does not meet its target, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Argentina will automatically enter the World Cup, the second in a row to be held in Asia, since it was determined that the assumption (7 – 5) would not be able to reach 8-4 of losers or losers from group E.

But if Argentina loses and Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil win, Pablo Prigioni’s disciples will miss the World Cup for the first time since 1982, since then. matches Outside of fourth will be Brazil, who have a better lead than Albiceleste. The Dominican Republic is in the same situation.

Puerto Rico (7-4; +10)

Puerto Ricans rose from the ashes in Santa Cruz do Sul with an easel buzzer Tremont Waters is amazing: if Brazil beat Puerto Rico, then the locals themselves, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Argentina entered the World Cup, while the Caribbean had to decide “against” Mexico, with a clear disadvantage.

However, Waters’ long double came through and Puerto Rico moved from being on the verge of being comfortably off. If they beat Colombia, the weakest team in the group, in Medellin, they will be present at the World Cup.

If he loses, in any case he will be under the hypothetical fourth place in the other region, so he will have to wait for the results of Mexico and Brazil, the two teams with which he has a favorable match, to see if he reaches the top. three of his group. With the defeat of Brazil (against the United States) or Mexico (against Uruguay), they will be sure that they will play in the World Cup even if they lose in Medellin.

Mexico (7-4; +39)

Mexico beat (double) Colombia at home and triumphed in a final day encounter, where their World Cup luck will be on the line: they will soon travel to Montevideo to take on recently eliminated Uruguay.

There, at the Antel Arena, his victory will be enough to qualify. The North Americans have the doubles against their rivals (Puerto Rico and Brazil), but since in the event of a three-way tie, the total number of matches between those involved (PR 3-1, MX 2-2 and BRA 1-3), you need a win to clinch the standings.

However, if it is a ‘double’ rather than a ‘triple’ tie, they are one short of their opponents, and lose ergo they can only advance to the World Cup if Mexico and Brazil fall as well, to form a par three with a 7-5 record.

Brazil (7-4; +168)

Brazil, one of the most dominant teams in the FIBA ​​Qualifiers (after Canada, it has the best points differential), was all on track to celebrate Thursday’s qualification with its people, but lost out on the buzzer and was “adrift”.

If they beat the USA at home (they actually beat Team USA in November, in Washington, D.C.), they will secure a spot in the World Cup, because Argentina and the Dominican Republic face each other, and one of them will lose. And to be worse off. distinct from Brazil. In other words, even if Puerto Rico and Mexico win, the last America’s Cup runner-up will be ranked fourth.

In the event of a loss, it would need a certain set of outcomes: to lose to Mexico (in Uruguay), but not Puerto Rico (in Colombia), because a three-way tie would leave it lower than its rivals, but ‘simple equality’. With the Mexicans it would give him an edge the match To brazil.

Results for Thursday, February 23rd

Group E.

Venezuela 115-70 Bahamas

Panama 67-93 Dominican Republic

Argentina 83-72 Canada

Group F.

Brazil 90-92 Puerto Rico

Uruguay 77-88 United States

Colombia 54-113 Mexico

Matches on Sunday, February 26th

Group E.

Venezuela against. Canada (Caracas)

Argentina against. dominican republic (Mar del Plata)

Panama vs. Bahamas (Panama City)

Group F.

Brazil against. United States (Santa Cruz do Sul)

Uruguay vs. Mexico (Montevideo)

Colombia vs. Puerto Rico (Medellin)

Matches will be played simultaneously, at 9:10 PM Argentina-Brazil, 8:10 PM Venezuela-Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico and 6:10 PM CDMX.

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