A Kremlin spokesman confirmed that Putin was “ready to negotiate” over security guarantees


February 14, 2022 22:44 GMT

In his comments to CNN, Dmitry Peskov specified that the situation around Ukraine was only “part of the problem.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “ready to negotiate” with the United States and NATO over security guarantees.

“First of all, President Putin has always called for negotiations and diplomacy. He initiated the issue of security guarantees for the Russian Federation. And Ukraine is only part of the problem: Part of the bigger problem of Russia’s security guarantees. “President Putin is, of course, ready to negotiate,” a presidential spokesman told CNN. CNN.

Earlier today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, compressed He said during a meeting with Putin that the responses of NATO and Washington do not satisfy Russia, although there is still the possibility of reaching an agreement.

The foreign minister specified that Moscow formulated in 10 pages its response to the responses of the United States and NATO, and that Russia would continue to demand its opposition to Expand the military bloc To the east, including Ukraine’s plans to join NATO.

The answers to the proposals made by Moscow last December ignore above all the questions of not expanding NATO, deploy forces The attack on Ukrainian territory and the return of the formation of the military bloc to the state of 1997, when the founding document was signed between Russia and NATO.

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Instead, NATO and the United States focused on targeting points less urgent. Lavrov noted that many of his initiatives coincide with the proposals made by Moscow long ago.

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