A judge of the Supreme Court sanctioned by Canada has arrived in Panama to fill a diplomatic position

A TSJ Magistrate arrived in Panama this week, Janet Maria Madrez SutiloWhich confirmed according to the source, It is recognized as a business list in the regime’s embassy in Panama.


An investigative judge in the electoral room of Maduro’s High Court of Justice said, merge List of sanctions in Canada since 2018: “Under the Special Economic Measures Act, Secretary of State Chrystia Freeland announced today that it will impose sanctions on 14 other people responsible for the deterioration of democracy in Venezuela. The government of Venezuela to restore constitutional democracy and respect for democracy and human rights. “

His position as a diplomat has not been officially confirmed by the Panamanian Foreign Ministry, as the Chargé d’Affairs, as it is known, ranks second in importance after the ambassador.

For its part, the diplomatic corps accredited in Panama received a statement issued by the same Chavez embassy and signed by Madrez, stating his new activities in the Isthmus.

Madreese is also a member of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court, a position she has held since 2010. She was a member of the Andean Parliament for the Fifth Republic Movement in 1998, when Venezuela was part of the Andean Community. Within the organization she held various administrative positions, among them the presidency between 1999 and 2010. She served as Venezuela’s ambassador to Canada in 2010.



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