A journey through art and science

La Caixa Foundation presents New season 2022-23with 30 exposures At CaixaForum centers across Spain and at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona. In addition, we must add eight traveling exhibitions that will tour Spain and Portugal. Specifically, among the collection of exhibitions, ten of them premiered this season.

Well, the new cultural programming, “We believe in culture and grow in culture”, It invites the public to travel into the heart of archeology, arts, science, photography, comedy and cinema with proposals in collaboration with major international institutions, such as the British Museum, the London Science Museum and the Boston Science Museum.

La Caixa presents the new season 2022-23, with 30 exhibitions in entity centers throughout the Spanish territory

regarding newsletter From the 2022-23 season, highlights of the exhibition “Pixar Science” which can be seen at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum. It’s a scientific way to create Pixar characters that will amaze you. And behind the heroes of our favorite animated films, there is a long process in which creativity mingles with engineering, art and mathematics.

Pixar Science was developed by the Boston Museum of Science in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios. Pictured, Sully, from Monstres SA © Disney/Mear.

Have another unmissable appointment at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona. With works from the Prado National Museum, “The Picture Century. The Picture of Nineteenth Century Society” He tours all aspects of the nineteenth century image. From the image as a symbol of power to the image as a social phenomenon.

Another very attractive novelty for this new season is “Extended insights. photography and experimentationThe exhibition is the result of a collaboration with the Center Pompidou. It is a journey through the history of experimental photography from the beginning of the 20th century until today through more than 260 works.

The new cultural program has famous collaborators such as the British Museum or the Science Museum in London

On the other hand, three high-effort initiatives centered on the link between culture and technology will be implemented. digital platform caixa forum +the interactive guide to universe room From the CosmoCaixa Science Museum and the Vertical Forest at CaixaForum Barcelona.

A Decken’s sifaka lemur perkits on a stone sliver © Stephen Alvarez/National Geographic.

But that’s not all, in order to continue to explore the relationship between art and science, the season will include a sample of photographs National Geographic Dedicated to colors that can be seen in the animal kingdom and in nature. Marvel at the show “Colors of the World” For the CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona.

Beauty is also the protagonist of “NanoCosmos. Reality hidden in the human eye“.A different perspective on flora and fauna allows us to enjoy the beauty that the eye cannot capture because it is small. It can be seen in the CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona and in different cities in Spain and Portugal.

Looking into the 2022-23 school year, ten exhibitions will be opened so that children and adults can learn about science and arts

To end its decisiveness, CaixaForum Madrid proposes a journey through the most cinematic and historical spies thanks to the alliance with La Cinémathèque Française. a Top secret. Cinema and espionage“They are real and fictional spy heroes, from Mata Hari and Carrie Mathison to James Bond and Edward Snowden.

Finally, the CaixaForum Madrid will also, for the first time, host science fairs. Thus, the season will open with an exhibition dedicated to the great inventor Nikola Tesla. “Nikola Tesla. The Genius of Modern Electricity” It reviews the character of the multifaceted Serbian scientist and engineer. Author of inventions such as the induction motor or the development of alternating current as a power source.

The new season goes a step further

The CaixaForum experience will transcend exhibitions with a broad and diverse offering that includes music, visual and performing arts, humanities, science, technology, and the environment.

Blue Hand, © Alex Reynolds, 2021. Archival dye print at Hanemuhle on cotton paper or photographed.

Thus, the La Caixa Foundation centers will become meeting places for experimentation with the arts, sciences and humanities. From the start, to school and family fans Workshops will be scheduled Visual arts, natural sciences, theater, design, technology, and mathematics, among others.

The La Caixa Foundation Centers will become meeting places for experiments in art and science

In addition, the La Caixa Foundation will support and enhance national creative talent through various proposals that combine arts, science and technology in programs and activities such as “Encounters with…” or “Summer Nights”. Finally, conferences, dialogues and live chats In history and thought, art and design, cinema and literature, music, etc.

In general, the new 2022/23 season clearly promises a lot. Immerse yourself in the magic of science and culture, and it will dazzle you!

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