A journalist said he was fired from Public TV for criticizing Formosa

“To those awaiting the government’s indignation over what is happening in Formosa, I will tell you a short story: I worked on a public television program, A month ago I spoke badly of Formosa, and the following week they told me not to go anymore. Be wise in your hopesYesterday at 21:29, Joaquin Sanchez Marinho wrote On your Twitter account He revealed the situation he experienced in the station operated by Rosario Lovrano.

He was also able to rebuild Nation With sources from the Alta Voz program that broadcasts every afternoon from 5:30 pm to 7 pm on the state channel … The dismissal of Sanchez Marino was a criticism of the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, after his remarks on human rights in Formosa, And a series of questions, a week later, to whom interviewed defended Gildo Insfrán’s actions.

“On the program there was – I say it was there because after those two cases – a section where they talked about news and politics. In this context, Joaquin asked, upon hearing Cavero’s statements in which he said that the government cannot be told what it should do with human rights, in the position of the Coordinating Minister. That was February 1. The following week, they decided to interview a Formosa girl who partly defended Insfrán’s actions, Joaquín was firm in questions and they didn’t like it, ”they explained to this outlet from the staff.

What happened next, according to Reconstruction, was that there was a series of encounters between the program’s production and the channel’s management, where it was decided not to talk about politics anymore. “Then, which happened on a Monday, Joaquin went on a Wednesday and the next time he had to come they called him to tell him it wasn’t because the program had changed the dynamics. They did not want to do more political issues, ”they explained Nation Sources consulted.

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The section that was raised was called “Savor the News” and matched the name of the host of the program, Catherine of Elijah. She and her driving partner, Juan Velkov Andino was close to Sanchez Marinho because of what happened.

The two drivers were always stating their opinion and were often critical of the government. But since they are the ones in charge of the program, it is difficult for them to be able to say or do something as it happened with Joaquín.. They even wanted to speak to the authorities about what had happened, but Joaquin asked them not to mediate. He no longer feels comfortable as a result of what happened, “they closed.

In a short conversation with NationSanchez Marino said:My situation seems unimportant to me. The important thing here is what happens in Formosa. I told my experience, but only in this setting“.

consultation Nation, “This is a lie,” said Lovrano, president of National Radio and Television. “Public television does not produce Alta Voz, an outside producer that does.”

To prevent Sanchez Marino from making claims, the explanation he received from the production for his departure It has been decided that the team members shown on screen will be under 25 years old. Sanchez Marinho’s age is 35 years old. Both drivers are over 30 years old.

Not because of something he said. Nobody said what to say. What we did was an act of technical restructuring. We decided that the program should focus on issues that matter most to young people Nation Karina Castellano, General Producer of Alta Voz.

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Castellano added:What happened to Joaquin happened to other columnists who are no longer there. It is not something personal that is against you. We have also not removed the “Notice Notes” section for this topic. Simply put, we didn’t want to tie ourselves up with five current news. We want to give another aesthetic touch to the program that will start seeing it this month. ”

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