A high-quality mattress is a luxury for the whole family

Sunday 14 February 2021 | 06:00.

It has been nearly a year since it was announced that the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is to stay home. Those in charge of themselves took this measure seriously and planned their activities inside their homes. But being inside means paying attention to some of the details that are overlooked in the daily grind, such as that the mattress has already begun to reach the end of its useful life. If you have springs, for example, are starting to feel them or if they are foaming, there are holes that can damage the body.

In addition to what you might think of when it comes to luxury, a mattress with the right characteristics is an investment to keep health at its best, especially when reviewing the current way life is done, with an uneasy acceleration. The pressure has been much greater since the start of the pandemic, when people were forced to turn away from their emotions, from work, and an unknown disease invaded nearly every home.

Vícar Hogar y Muebles houses the Suavestar line of box-spring mattresses, developed with the highest technology and quality to provide the best comfort.

You can also find Belmo, Cannon, and Springwall mattresses – in a different line than the one in the exclusive Villa Sarita store – among other things. “At the moment we have a little space, but we are also trying to display all the mattresses, and soon it will look better because we will be opening a new branch in the southern arrival from Posadas,” said Gustavo Cardoso, director of the company. , Who also commented that the mattresses can be purchased in all stripes, both spring and sponge.

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The products in the foam line are solid, ideal for muscle relaxation, easy to clean, adapt well to the body and have good weight distribution. And the spring mattresses are very solid and have great cushioning, they are ideal for people who are overweight, there is no risk of moisture, good transmission resistance and very long service life. Once the type of mattress to be chosen, it remains only to accompany it with “furniture” such as a generous mattress (storage under the mattress, with important storage space) or a duo set (mattress).

The firmness required when choosing a mattress is the main factor when deciding which product to buy. Being too hard or too soft can lead to or worsen lower back pain.

Of course, there are different technologies that are suitable for different people with different needs.

Everything is available in the home of Uruguay and Pedro Mendes who, in addition to working in the field for 56 years, is eagerly awaiting the opening of his new store in South Access of Posadas.

How to choose a good mattress
Its structure is hard and at the same time soft. This will aid the ergonomics while efficiently providing enough space to rest.

They are made of resistant materials but, in addition, they are breathable with good insulation effect and are soft to the touch.

Its internal structure is based on medical studies and delicate orthopedics.

Both the design and construction process are executed according to the latest technology.

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