A heartbreaking cry for Chanu’s mother as she talks about the musician’s critical health condition: “My son is fighting for his life.”

four days ago Ciano Moreno Charpentier He fought for his life at the Otamendi SanitariumAfter being shot in the stomach by a policeman who felt threatened when the singer approached him with a knife, he resisted acceptance due to his addiction, amid a mental and emotional crisis, at his home in Barrio Parque La Truth.

Person responsible for notifying the police and health professionals treating Chano she was MarinaArtist’s mother وال, who was allegedly assaulted on the night of the confusing episode by her son.

Four days after accompanying Chano in Otamendi, Marina went out to the quay of the place and spoke with the press present, broke down in tears and was very worried about her son’s health.

“Addiction is a disease, it is full of mothers who have no vision, who kick in too many doors and are not listened to”

“Here there is no one against anyone. It is not a mother against the police. How can I be against the Capilla del Señor police, who are the people who take care of us and help my son so many times? Victims. The first victim is my son who is fighting for his life. Amendolara’s mother ( The officer who shot Chano) who must suffer like me. And all of Chano’s addictive mothers are asking for help and have no answers.”

“I just called the medical guard to help my son. They knew they were going to see someone who was sick. I just asked for help. I don’t know who they should send or what the procedure is. I’m just asking that they do something with the mental health act because we are all parents of patients with no answer. Addiction is a disease, it is full of mothers who have no vision, they knock on many doors and no one listens to them. The singer’s mother said, without holding back tears, but firmly, in front of a microphone Even the Argentines.

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He then highlighted the attention Chanu is receiving, still in a critical condition: “I want to thank Otamendi Sanitarium and all the people who respected us and sent strength to my son. And if you want to know what the addict suffers from, listen to my son in the lyrics. My son asks for help.” 20 years ago.” “I want to thank his treatment team, who has been treating him for a long time, because my son has been undergoing treatment for 20 years,” he added.

Without answering reporters’ questions, Marina echoed one query. They asked him: “Has your son developed?” She concluded, “Everything is the same. Leave me alone. Please don’t come anymore.”

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