A guide to using Telegram on the new Apple Watch

Apple Watch and Telegram. (Photo: Tips on iOS)

More and more people choose to use Telegram messaging app. It offers sections (which are not a few) where it excels The WhatsApp not undiluted.

Therefore, the user may wish Check the notifications that reach you through this application. with the new Apple Watch It is possible to achieve it, and from Infobae it will be told what to do to make it happen.

This guide will explain the steps to follow for each of the Apple Watch Series 8 As for the version aimed at athletes, the See. This is it, Monday Hardware introduced by the North American company along with a new series of iPhone 14.

What to do will not take long. However, if the options indicated in this article are not activated, it will not be possible to see messages created in Telegram on the user’s screen. smart watchand will have to be reviewed by smart phone.

This is how you can see Telegram notifications on your Apple Watch

The Telegram app has been available for some time in the . ecosystem manzanaThere is no shortage of apps that can be used cell phone for the Cupertino company. Here are the different settings that must be configured for it to work perfectly:

1. Initial Settings on iPhone

Download the Telegram app on your phone and smartwatch from the terminal your Apple Watch is paired with.

– Sign in to both, then go to Adjust From the iPhone and access the section Notices.

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– Scroll down until you find a place to put Signal and Telegram.

– Here you have to enable the slider corresponding to Allow notifications Displayed in the media center.

– As for this section, it has already been completed.

Apple Watch and Telegram.  (Photo: iOSMac)
Apple Watch and Telegram. (Photo: iOSMac)

2. Settings on Apple Watch

– Open the app on the smartwatch, then choose the tab my watch.

– Now select the option Notices And in this place, activate the same indicator called Attention.

– Next, you have to enable additional options like View summary s Show full notifications So all the messages can be read up.

– Then you have to look Show notification on wrist Down here Signal and Telegram. Click to activate the corresponding option.

– If you wish, you can use the app settings to make the watch ring when something is received or make a haptic vibration.

Apple Watch and Telegram.  (Photo: see how it's done)
Apple Watch and Telegram. (Photo: see how it’s done)

Done, all steps have been completed. It seems like a long time, but in fact it only takes two or three minutes after installing the apps on the iPhone and also on the Apple Watch.

So, if you want to get the most out of Telegram on your new smartwatch, make sure to configure these settings.

4 apps for productivity and health on Apple Watch

-Pillow It is the perfect sleep monitoring app with a convenient and simple interface. Shows sleep quality last night.

– Athlete It focuses on athletic performance tracking, i.e. it measures recovery time and effort after and before exercise, but can simply be used to monitor cardiovascular loads even when the user is not exercising.

Mathematical application.  (Photo: Athlete)
Mathematical application. (Photo: Athlete)

-to focus It’s for those who need help focusing and increasing productivity. focused on Pomodoro Technique Which consists in the temporary use of dividing the work into time periods with rest periods in between. It also has a task planner, activity tracker, among other options.

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-zero It would be perfect for those who follow intermittent fasting dietwhich helps the user to keep track of the time taken to complete the session.

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