A guide for empathy leaders in times of uncertainty

The pandemic arrives

For the director, COVID-19 has not brought a financial crisis, but rather a human crisis. He came to this conclusion because the need for all companies was – and still is – to reach out to people to keep the business going. The most valuable asset of an organization is its employees.

“I paused to analyze how I could empower myself that allowed me to influence others and communicate in a different way. Understand what was happening to make decisions in sequence, first workers, then clients,” he says. Among your current readings and stairs There are no rules hereRed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

On the other hand, he began to challenge the status quo and found that the solution to confront this crisis lies in human solutions. How can I help you is the question that guides the company’s strategy. This allowed them to see what specific benefits and incentives workers needed, as well as chart a path each would use the concerned. Since the epidemic began until now, it has been The link The consulting firm improved by 30 points.

Maxnock has learned – and reinforced – that the foundation of a business relationship is trust and humility to learn about another’s experiences. There are leaders out there, he says, who still don’t trust remote work because they don’t believe people are working.

“I am a supporter A growth mindsetThat is, if you motivate people and show them that they have the ability to grow and do things, they will. That is why effort is a weakness of talent, “he asserts.

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In this regard, Sophia Gonzalez, employee experience specialist and director of fintech Creditas Work México comments that in practice, it has been difficult for companies to keep employees motivated. “If it was a simple matter, all companies would have been doing it,” he adds.

It indicates that the complexity exists in an omnibus channel. This means that in the learning process there is a mixture of tangible and intangible that must be coherent with each other. It is of no use to companies if they inform the employee that they prefer the experiment if they practically do not have the tools to change, if the leadership is inconsistent and continues to do the same.

“Leaders are under pressure because part of the challenge for them was taking on a parenting role, to some extent. But they must also be trained and assumed as part of the workers who need employee expertise, because consistent leadership is the key to creating a strong organizational culture in times of pandemic and working remotely, ”the specialist warns.

Today, Maxnock is convinced that the new normal is not a destination but a construct. Success comes from a diverse team because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and the more creative people with different perspectives on board the ship, the better.

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