A good exercise routine improves strength on the tennis court

For a professional tennis player, training is essential. This is the most correct way to develop the skills you need to compete, such as the ability to create strategies that allow you to implement appropriate movements, speed to make changes in direction on time, and the power of hitting the ball.

he is too Physical training is a priority for a tennis playerDue to enduring long days of playing on the field, your body must have adequate strength and endurance conditions, and this can only be achieved by exercising outside the field.

That is why, in addition to the tennis court, white sports players should Combine racquet and ball exercises with gym routines, which must be well designed to achieve the required levels of resistance and reduce the risk of accidents.

How to choose the best routine for our body

To create a routine suitable for our body, the best thing is to do Request coach services What can we get into All Basic-Fit gyms in Spain. These training centers have trained staff. They guide us in choosing exercises that will help us strengthen our muscles. Also with the latest technological equipment that will facilitate training. These actions generally begin with multi-joint movements, which include the shoulders, chest, and legs.

Weights and reps to start

before starting We must keep in mind our routine to achieve muscular balance Training should start with the largest muscles and continue with the smaller muscle groups. For this we will use weights that we can support the lift for 3 sets of 12 or more repetitions. Also, if we feel exhausted before reaching this number, the right thing to do is to reduce the weight. Contrary to this, if we beat it, we can increase it.

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The paddles strengthen the upper muscles

To achieve the desired performance in the game, all parts of our body must be suitable. In the case of the upper and lower back muscles, sitting and/or bending strokes are ideal for strengthening the back. Also referred to is the bench press, tops and blouses for the chest workout. Other exercises that will help us improve body shape are wrist presses, which are very suitable for getting better control of the racket.

Choosing the wrong routine can lead to injury

It is important to apply Techniques and exercise routines that adapt to our bodiesBecause carrying out the wrong practices can cause injuries to the muscles that limit our movements. If this is the first time we exercise in the gym, it is not recommended to randomly choose the type of training we will get. This is why it is essential to seek the support of trained personnel.

Do you already have your exercise routine to improve your tennis fitness?

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