A “girl” recorded herself while she was sleeping and recorded a terrifying sound in her room made a curious request | Chronicle

Many people have difficulty falling asleep and seek to sleep at night using apps that are supposed to help them get a good night’s rest. However, a piece of United kingdom He recorded a terrifying situation with his cell phone while he was dreaming. When he woke up, he reviewed the voice and found a man’s voice and a controversial phrase.

it’s about Robin Esplina 28-year-old girl who suffered from a supernatural condition at her home in the city of Carmelington. with sleeping pad I heard a subject sound while she was sleeping alone in her room.

This discovery caused him great fear, because he does not live with a man, but with his eight-year-old son and two dogs. As the young woman told the British newspaper, Chronicle Livedownloadedclose the eyeThe app that monitors the sleep of its users.

In this sense, Robin explained that she was having trouble sleeping and was fascinated by this virtual platform that records sleep quality. He also revealed that he downloaded it on Monday after seeing an ad on Facebook.

“Can I take the sheets down?”

The next day he decided to try the app and recorded that particular sound that seemed to come from outside. In the morning, the girl checked the night voice and got a terrifying impression When he heard a man’s voice with an accent London.

Can I take the sheets off?‘, via the mysterious voice of the app. Meanwhile, the British girl confirmed that she was alone in her bedroom during the night.I have two small dogs and my son (8 years old) slept in his own room‘, a description of the aforementioned means.

A young woman from the United Kingdom is afraid of a supernatural voice.

In addition, the young woman explained and expressed: “The TV wasn’t on or anything so I’m totally horrified.In the same way, she was absolutely sure that she had closed the doors of her house that day before she fell asleep and that the sound did not come from the street.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, this totally scared me and I’m going to sleep now. It’s a man’s voice for sure, it’s crystal clear; but No one could be and I don’t know anyone with an East London accent‘, he insisted.

Another important fact is that before the end of the sound, the puppy “Alan” is heard, and begins to bark in response to the strange sound. “I listened to them over and over, trying to figure out how they were captured (by the app)‘ the girl pointed out.

Meanwhile, Ruby said she doesn’t know if the “sound” is due to interference or an error in the app. In addition, he did not find a similar case to his and considers the platform “number one” for sleep monitoring.

Finally, he did not rule out that “intruder“He entered the house or it was Unusual paranormal phenomenon. For all this, he also indicated that he would buy a camera for his room and seek to clarify the mysterious case.

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