A German airline bans AirTags in the bag, and here’s why

AirTag in bag. (Photo: I’m from Mac)

Download AirTag In-flight baggage is definitely a way to prevent baggage loss during the flight. However, some airlines do not agree because users can easily find out where their belongings are and see if the said baggage has been lost by the same airline, as mentioned by several users in Twitter.

Now like companies Lufthansa They started banning this Hardware on their flights claiming it was a dangerous device. Specifically, prior to Twitter’s inquiry about the ban, the company’s official account responded:

Lufthansa prohibits AirTags in baggage as it is considered dangerous and must be turned off.”

Lufthanas.  (Image: Twitter)
Lufthanas. (Image: Twitter)

Lufthansa Expanded: “According to ICAO guidelines, baggage tracker Subject to Dangerous Goods Regulations. Due to its dispatch function, trackers must be turned off during flights if they are in checked baggage and cannot be used for them.

It never hurts to remember that AirTags are item trackers and work through a search network of millions of devices manzana To find a backpack, purse, briefcase or any other item without having to Iphone From the owner nearby.

What happens if the user has an AirTag when checking in their carry-on baggage and is blocked by the airline?

The only way for an airline like Lufthansa to know if a piece of baggage has an AirTag is to check for it. Mainly because the companies themselves scan checked baggage on their planes, and pass through an X-ray scanner, similar to a handbag, which checks if the bag contains toxic substances or goods.

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So if you have an AirTag, a scanner can pick it up no matter how hidden it is on your clothes. Its design can also be recognized from X-rays, as it is round and very similar to the human eye. Therefore, the operator on duty can easily detect it and reject the packet, unless the person removes the tracker.

Of course, if the AirTag is hanging outside the bag and the company prohibits its use, they may also reject it if it is not removed.

AirTag.  (Photo: Apple Inc. / via Reuters)
AirTag. (Photo: Apple Inc. / via Reuters)

What will happen if the bag is not checked?

Checking in hand luggage at airports is not the responsibility of the airline, but rather the company that operates the airport. Airlines prohibit lithium batteries in checked baggage, or if devices with these characteristics are carried, check them at airport counters hours in advance. In the case of Apple AirTags, they use . files CR2032 lithium batteries.

Apple confirms this in its AirTag battery replacement tutorial: “Insert a new 3V CR2032 lithium battery.” However, it does not appear to be as organized as the larger batteries found in power banks, cell phone also laptop.

Apple AirTag.  (Photo: Apple)
Apple AirTag. (Photo: Apple)

With that being said, and since AirTags are not considered dangerous goods, they can safely pass through the scanner. In fact, The company that operates Berlin Airport announced that AirTag is not prohibited, Not even in checked baggage.

On board, cabin crew do not have the ability to check whether the hand baggage has an AirTag. Unless, of course, a limiter is attached to the handle of the bag or briefcase. The only way to find out after opening the case is with an iPhone. However, the AirTag must be in a lost state and away from the owner for this purpose.

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