A gang was devoted to stealing motorcycles and then selling spare parts

The police managed to break up the group of criminals. In addition, they seized two motorcycles and their parts.


Department of burglary and theft gang, rely on General Directorate of InvestigationThey arrested a person and seized two motorcycles and a variety of motorcycle spare parts. This led to five raids in the capital’s neighborhoods.

The investigation began after two motorbikes were stolen from a house last Wednesday. The uniformed officers confirmed that the perpetrators of the actaccused of committing several robberies in Lapanda.

The police confirmed that the authors had obtained the vehicles, dismantled them and sold them as spare parts or as spare parts at low cost. After collecting evidence, the forces raided five buildings in the area The neighborhoods of Santa Rosa de Lima, General Paz and Villa Borges. In compliance with a court order duly ordered by Dr. José Luis Torrelio, Probation and Assurance Judge of Banda y Robles.

In this procedure, it was possible to arrest a 20-year-old suspect, hijack two motorcycles and a large number of motorcycle parts such as chassis, helmets, seats, motorcycle plastics, mirrors and other accessories.

Prosecutor General Cecilia Pacheco ordered to continue investigations until the arrest of the accomplice of this criminal gang.

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