A fan discovers that dialogue from The Last of Us 2 is repeated as a tribute to the Left Behind DLC

Sadly, there’s one thing Ellie can’t have: dinosaurs.

It’s been over a year since then Our last 2 It’s up for sale, and Naughty Dog continues to leave surprises in the form of winks that users notice. Now, it turns out, there was a good greeting Left Behind, DLC for the first installment, in one of the most beautiful and memorable chapters of the game. If you haven’t played, pay attention, what could it be spoiler.

Left Behind expands on the original 2013 Game StoryOne fan noticed that a line of DLC released in 2014 duplicated, which has to do with Eli’s love of dinosaurs. In Left Behind, Riley tells Ellie that she has prepared a surprise for her which she responds to “Is it a dinosaur?”. It was just a Halloween store. In TLOU 2, Joel tells him the same comment about the young woman’s surprise and response, once again hoping to see one of those prehistoric creatures.

In this case, yes, there are dinosaurs, as Joel takes Eli to the Museum of Science and History in Wyoming. There, you can see many replicas of the objects that you like so much, and all this leads to the appearance of one The most emotional flashback series in the game. You can see the history of this discovery in Reddit Forums.

Finally, we remind you that the file TLOU composer will hold concerts in September in Spain. And if you want to see Naughty Dog in a different way, the artist recreates it Different scenes like anime.

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