A fake black widow appeared in a supermarket and caused panic: what is the specialists’ explanation

It is normal to find different videos on networks of animals and insects. However, the clip, which spread rapidly in the last hours, sparked panic among netizens.

which is that, as revealed in the recording, the venomous spider known as ‘Black Widow‘I fell from the roof of a supermarket in a United kingdom Customers who were buying were shocked. The spider had entered through a vent in the roof of the building.

One of the witnesses who saw the spider, who preferred not to reveal his name, does not want to go back to the store because he is too scared. The man, who saw exactly the moment when the animal appeared, asserted: “While I was walking around the boxes, it literally appeared in front of my face.”

A dangerous spider has caused a panic in one of the UK sites. Photo: Twitter TheSun video capture.

Despite the fear this has created among customers, a supermarket spokesperson explained It’s about a fake black widow And it is not dangerous. It is “generally found in homes across the UK,” he warned.

Twitter video @TheSun.

investigation National University of Ireland They expressed that their bites are light: they can hurt and cause swelling, but a few cases led to hospitalization.

pest control expert Jonathan Ratcliffe From Pest.co.uk he explained: “A false widow can look very scary, but usually Not aggressive and usually not a problemIn addition, he added: “If you are bitten, it is like a wasp sting. September and October when they come looking for heat.” And on how to get rid of it, explain that you can use a vacuum cleaner and then leave it outside.

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