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The Model Spanish Georgina Rodriguez He continues to reap achievements, and a few days ago he revealed that he had fulfilled another of his greatest and most coveted dreams: dancing in Royal Opera House. This space is stage where is he art It is considered the culture and imitate London.

It is no secret that influentialand a pair of Cristiano RonaldoHe is an emotional person fashion and the arts, especially for dancewhich is an activity that requires discipline, a characteristic that he identified in his work documentary film “I am Georgina” as the key to the success you have now, as he reviewed it magazine Welcome!

Georgina Rodriguez and her new dream come true

Georgina recently traveled to London, where she had the opportunity to go on stage at the Royal Opera House, the most important art venue in the world. United kingdomand one of the most notable Europewhere it is served royal balletthe most famous company in this specialty.

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“A dream come true,” described the 28-year-old influencer, who also shared an exhibition of Pictures From the rehearsals of the distinguished artistic company, their own clothes, and the same dancer who adopted the classic mode ballet.

It should be noted that since she was young, Georgina showed her great passion for dancing, and she shared pictures of her clothes from danceIt is an activity that he continues to practice despite his work commitments.

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The reaction of the followers of Georgina Rodriguez

It didn’t take long for the post to cause quite a stir social networksShe has already collected more than 1.5 million “likes” in less than two days and about 15,000 comments from her followers who confirmed that they are excited to see her achieve her dreams.

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The netizens’ comments were “How great you are my friend”, “I love it”, “You are a great inspiration, humble, wonderful mother and wife”.

according to free pressGeorgina gradually appears in public events And go back to your routine. In fact, this was demonstrated by the supermodel’s presence at the Spanish Film, Radio and Television Festival, where she promoted the second season of her documentary “Soy Georgina”. (And the)

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