A dog sneaks into the weather radio of a Canadian chain

There are things that can’t be avoided in a live show, like your dog sneaking into full contact. This is what happened to the meteorologist Anthony Farnell, Speaking on the Canadian Global News Channel.

Farnell He was giving a weather report The day when, in a lively moment and without being able to avoid it, His dog came on the plane. However, the journalist flaunts his professionalism He kept reporting the time with his pet a few inches away from him.

The moment did not go unnoticed and was recorded by many viewers, causing a stir in the networks. Far from feeling shy, the time presenter captured that with plenty of humor and shared through Twitter a post thanking even the Goldendoodle’s logo for being such a thing as his lucky charm. “Who knew that all I had to do was take my furry friend along for a perfect show.”

This isn’t the first time the presenter’s puppy, known in the networks as “Storm the Weather Dog,” has gained 5 minutes of fame. It’s not hard to see him in some impromptu appearances. Several years ago he also appeared during a nightly call on Global News.

“I was working on my weather maps and assumed Storm was under my desk. Two minutes later I looked at the TV screen in front of me and there was Storm, throwing her head from under the news table straight to her. From the broadcaster during the live broadcast.”

At the beginning of 2020, something similar happened to American meteorologist Paul Delegato, of Fox 13 News. While Dellegatto tried to report the weather forecast, his dog, a golden retriever named Brody, kept clicking on his computer to get his owner to listen.

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The journalist called his pet to climb on top of him and thus not interfere with his relationship. The cute photo has gone viral.

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