A doctor’s surprise (and explanation) regarding a rare pregnancy: the fetus was in the pregnant woman’s liver

A pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Manitoba, Canada, has revealed the strangest pregnancy “ever seen” during his career. It’s about Michael Narvi, who in 2012 He took care of a 33-year-old patient after she arrived at the hospital and was discovered to be carrying a fetus in her liver.

When an egg implants outside the uterus, this is known as an ectopic pregnancy. However, this usually occurs in the fallopian tubes or abdominal wall.

Narvi, analyze prenatal privacy in a videoA woman survived after doctors discovered a fetus was growing in her liver, in a rare form of ectopic pregnancy.

Although the condition was first described in a 2012 report, It appeared after the doctor posted this week on his TikTok account The clip, which has currently garnered about 6.4 million views and more than 30,000 “likes”.

“I thought I saw everything,” Narvi claimed in the clip.We’re talking about fetal anomalies. He explained that the 33-year-old Canadian patient went to a clinic after experiencing menstrual bleeding for 14 days in a row, adding that 49 days have passed since her last menstrual period. Subsequent ultrasound revealed the origin of his symptoms: “What they found in the liver is this: a baby,” the doctor explained, pointing to a screenshot of the fetus.

Specifically, the woman had an extremely rare version of an ectopic pregnancy, in which “a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the main lumen of the uterus,” according to Mayo Clinic data. In addition to After a person grows up in a place where they should not, symptoms of this condition include vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain And the abdomen, which generally increases with the growth of the fetus.

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In another video, the pediatrician described how an ectopic pregnancy is normalThe fertilized egg “gets stuck” in the fallopian tube, but in rare cases, the egg can emerge and become implanted in the abdominal wall. However, this patient’s case was rare, as the fetus “ended up traveling to the liver, where it was transplanted,” the doctor said.

According to experts, the anomaly presented by a woman can be dangerous for both mothers and children, since It is unlikely that the fetus will be able to successfully develop outside the womb. In the reported case, the patient survived, but not her son, according to the British Guardian Republic.

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