A dismal sign of justice and presidential attrition: the ruling party used to fight until March 24th

Alberto Fernández, with Fabiola Yanez, upon arrival in Santo Domingo, to attend the Ibero-American Summit

purification. term with Tragic historical echoused by the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, as a demand for justice and the press on a new anniversary of the 1976 coup. The prosecution alluded, with implicit claims of moral superiority, to the survival of “structures” from the dictatorial past in these two areas, exclusively and viewed as a whole. And he did so with reference to the city of Buenos Aires as the only immediate and geographic reference. The petition was visible: justice, the press, Buenos Aires. A message in tune with the difficult Kirchnerian rhetoric which, in any case and also on March 24, returned to the grind Alberto Fernandez.

The ruling party favors its battles even regardless of the context. The president traveled to Santo Domingo for a ceremony Ibero-American SummitThen he travels with his entourage to Washington. In the middle awaits confirmation of the details of the postponed bilateral meeting with Joe Biden. This appointment has a special flavor for Olivos, but no one can ignore two aspects: the agenda It’s not easy – Because of the regional diplomatic positions and initiatives associated with China and Russia, – he adds Wide government expectations Because of the external oxygen needs in the face of the delicate domestic economic situation.

It’s a complex picture Contradictions With the reductive reading according to which a Biden gesture would pave the way for greater flexibility from the International Monetary Fund and better reaction from external markets. Of course, it is an important fact in the fourth year of Alberto Fernandez’s administration, which requires every possible gesture to contain the economy. But precisely because of this, he is backwards The permanent practice of the apprentice, which weakens the character of the chief: he travels in the midst of More hostilities than Kirchnerism And yet Tension peak with Sergio Massa.

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In the Dominican Republic, in addition, Alberto Fernandez will be particularly attentive to the movements of his partner from Ecuador, William Lassoafter crossings registered as a result of the case of a former official in Rafael CorreaConvicted in a corruption case, he managed to escape to Venezuela after Long season at the Argentine Embassy. This diplomatic tension had another derivation: Brush management with Gabriel Boric For the letter to Lasso which, incidentally, involved questioning the Chilean justice system. Hard to frame Mold alliances or anger over ideological issues.

Meanwhile, the domestic scene was repeated in Buenos Aires. La Campora organized its mobilization on March 24 in the name of Demonstration in support of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchens. Posters, slogans and short speech Extreme Kirchnerdepicted the entire Kirchner bloc on the street, despite the initial interest of some questioning of internal use from history. And there was among those ranks, challenge and disqualification – All so calculated yesterday – to hit the chief’s plans.

Maximo Kirchner, leading the March on La Campora on March 24

The challenge was led by Maximo Kirchner. He stressed that they indicated several times “problems” From the government, talk about attitudes claudicantclaimed and insisted with Rejection of agreements with the International Monetary Fund And finally, he left the phrase with a battle projection in the open field: “If someone gets angry, let him be angry, we are going to the elections and it is society that defines it”. It was interpreted as STEP validation initiative – This means an acknowledgment of the President’s insistence on his re-election – although, according to previous speculations, he does not rule out an exacerbation of the division. Everything will depend on it degree of insulation from the boss.

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Other definitions were on the lips Andrés La Rocque. He went straight to the point, skipping the catchphrases. He said that re-election is legitimate It was already that he had no sustenance. He added that the argument according to which Alberto Fernandez maintains this position should not even be taken into account Ensure governance at this stage. It won’t be necessary. Instead, stress that the central point is Reaffirmation of CFK leadershipIn addition to betting on some economic containment Ads that follow each other in Masa management.

For completion, the former president also left her mark on Twitter. The most striking thing was the message Entertaining and shocking, a historical slogan for the struggle to defend human rights. CFK ended his tweet like this: “Never Again for the Judicial Establishment”.

Olivos also tried to land. Before traveling to Santo Domingo, Alberto Fernandez released a video on social networks, at the same time he reported on a dinner shared the night before last with Carlotto’s witness. The President of the Republic refrained from dropping his speech on the judicial front and He claimed the character Nestor Kirchner.

Another gesture made by the presidential spokesperson. What was said: Talk about dictatorial mounds in justice and media, and hint at the insensitivity of Buenos Aires in the dark years. Presumably, because of the protagonist’s attitude, it was an official letter. He was Unsuccessful If he intended to lighten the expected burden of Kirchnerism. anyway, depressed.

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