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The conversation about the scope and challenges of the new medical profession took place in Onbaz

Jose C. Paz, Thursday, April 7, 2022. – since creation Jose C. Paz School of Medicine, by the administration of Mayor Dr. HC Mario Ishii And that it was opened in September 2021, a faculty that is free and open to all, with ample amenities, a huge structure of 33,000 square meters, lecture halls, laboratories and classrooms for more than a hundred students and located on Arregui H / Marcelo T. De Alvear and Uribe.

This business was built with municipal funds and by workers from the Municipal Construction Company, with skilled labor from La Paz. Thousands of students can study medicine for free at #JoséCPaz, this year for admission to all professions that include the training offer of the José C. Paz National University, among which the new medical profession in the first batch of entrants to it History has nearly 2470 subscribers. Young and old from all over the area can enter, just six blocks from the area rail station.

As part of the activities to launch the medical degree at UNPAZ, a discussion was held to discuss the scope and challenges of this new proposal for professional training in the regional health system.

The event was presided over by the rector Dario Kosinski It was attended by the Minister of Health of the State of Buenos Aires, Nicholas Kreplak; Former Dean of UNPAZ and Professor of the University’s Department of Legal and Social Sciences, Frederick Thearepresenting the Mayor of the Municipality, Mario Ishii, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Jose C. Paz, and Professor M. Mario Martinez; Vice Chancellor Silvia Storino; Director of the Department of Health and Sports Sciences, Lionel Tesler; director of the medical profession, Gabriela Lacarta.

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The meeting was enriched with the participation of health leaders at the national, local and municipal levels.

In opening the conversation, the Rector noted that medicine is “an important profession that once again changes the history of the region as the University knew how to do it, and this again constitutes an agenda that presents us with many challenges from now on.” In this sense, the Rector offered special appreciation to the Rector. Mayor of Jose C. Paz, Mario Alberto Eshi, who was the main promoter of the UNPAZ creation project and the medical degree.

“I want to tell you – in addition to the rector – that we are concerned about all dimensions of presentation. Not only teaching and content, the university also has other functions, especially research and transfer. The effect will not only be given by the generation of professionals but also by the dimension of inquiry.”

For his part, Federico Thea highlighted the importance of the regional impact of the start of the race. “The regional component of the assets must be supported, we did this in the degree design process, in thinking about the impact that a medical degree will have in the region. Now the moment of truth has come and I think it is a great challenge to look at that view,” the former rector of UNPAZ reflected.

Lionel Tesler points out the focus of this new educational show’s curriculum. “We want the university to have a specific role in the transformation of the health system that we all dream of and for which we are working permanently; and he indicated that we want to put our university in the service of the health system and in the service of building an integrated national system.

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The Minister of Health of Buenos Aires stressed that: “It is necessary to think about the collective construction of the health team. One of the biggest problems we face is the work pressure that arises because the health worker deals individually with an abstract technical question, a problem that has thousands of contexts (economic, historical, social).

Referring to the title of the conversation, the Minister of Health explained that “the challenge is to create a new culture in this regard, we must have more workers who deal with care from different places, we must be there, accompany, listen, this. The process that is considered Completely anti-cultural in medicine is not in Jose C. Paz’s career.”

The conversation continued with presentations by the Director of the Department of Medicine, Gabriela Lacarta. and national, regional and local health references such as Mario Rovere, among others.

The event was broadcast live and the full video is available on the university’s YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/xdpFKCa5SGo.

(Images/Text: Courtesy of UNPAZ)

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