A couple kidnapped and strangled a girl until she was killed: they threw her body in a travel bag Chronicle

A chilling event, which would have been a part of a horror movie, took place in the cold capital of Moscow Russia. A couple kidnap a 22-year-old girl, They tied her naked, took pictures of her, strangled her, and then put her body in a bag that they later discarded..

Snap Alexander Alexandrov (39) and his partner Anastasia Grevkova They were sentenced to 16 and 3 years in prison, respectively, after being convicted of murder Lauren Morales FernandezLast May.

The victim was taken captive in Moscow by the couple. Then, They demanded a ransom of $ 390 from Lauren’s girlfriend in exchange for her release. While negotiations for the rescue were still in progress, Alexandrov strangled the Cuban-born girl to death and hid her body in a dumpster bag.

Lauren Morales Fernandez, the murdered Cuban.

After a few days discussing the terms of the release with her friend, he sent her pictures he had taken showing the girl naked and tied. He did everything with the help of his partner, Anastasia Grevkova, who was accused of kidnapping, extortion and cover-up for a very serious crime.

Even the friend in question was ready to transfer some money to AlexandrovBut he demanded proof that Morales Fernandez is still alive.

Alexandrov threatened to send him ‘Ear and finger’ From the woman to various addresses in Moscow and even hinted at removing her organs before writing a final chilling message: “It’s over. She’s dead.”.

Loren’s body, 22, was found in a garbage bin on Kastanevskaya Street, in Vili Davydkovo district, west of Moscow, according to information published by the Russian media at the time.

The worst ending for a 22-year-old girl.

Upon his first appearance in court, he saidThe kidnappers pleaded not guilty, but now they are finally guilty. As it turned out, the killer had a criminal record of fraud via social networks and knew Spanish, so it is assumed that he was able to communicate with the victim.

Morales, a native of Havana, moved to Moscow in November 2019, where she set up an apartment with other Cuban youth. Her friends discover she is missing after she fails to return from a date with a man.

‚ÄúThis wretch is the murderer of the murdered Cuban youth in Russia. We hope that garbage rots like this in prison. “One of the victim’s friends known as Barbie QueenThat accompanied his comment with pictures of the killer.

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