A corruption scandal in Venezuela has halted Colombia’s gas import business

04:10 p.m

Negotiations in which a Colombian and Venezuelan company were engaged to import gas to Colombia from the neighboring country were a setback due to a corruption scandal, and they had made the decision to halt the operation on Saturday, March 25th.

Prodata Energy CA and Integral Energy Plus SAS, For a few months, they had been advancing negotiations, but they stopped after it became known that Bernardo Arrosio, a shareholder of Prodata Energy CA, had been arrested for allegedly being involved in a corruption scandal, and that he could also have ties to a prostitution ring, according to a statement issued. For the Venezuelan Public Prosecutor’s Office.

That is why in order to avoid major problems, Integral Energy Plus SAS decided not to proceed with the process and, accordingly, to proceed with the immediate dissolution and liquidation of the company they had.

‚ÄúDespite the fact that Bernardo Arrosio does not have any participation in Integral Energy Plus SAS, his status as a partner in Prodata Energy CA, one of its shareholders in Integral Energy Plus SAS It makes it unfeasible to proceed with the project that was being carried out to import gas from Venezuela to Colombia.”indicates a letter sent by Integral.

The import business that the two companies were exploring led to some inconsistencies in the hydrocarbons sector and economic analysts, because they considered that the country might lose its energy self-sufficiency.

However, until then No gas sales contract has been signed, let alone any project implemented, There continues to be a lack of endorsement by the US State Department’s Office of Sanctions Coordination as a result of the sanctions imposed on the Venezuelan government.

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An application for continued development of the deal was submitted in November 2022.

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