A copy of Windows 11 has been leaked online: why not download it

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it’s a Thursday 24 JuneAnd the Microsoft It will host a global and virtual event to announce the next generation of its operating system: Expect Windows 11. Although the company provided little information, the internet was filled with new rumors and leaks. Pictures and information about how it appeared last week were then added to sites that posted a download version of this version before it was announced.

Various sites offer to download Windows 11 for free, such as the Beebom page. In this sense, Redmond asked Google not to show search results for this page anymore. Microsoft based its request for this on a file DCMA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, that is, the digital copyright law of the United States).

The leaked version is a Windows 11 ISO corresponding to a developer version. This is a file with a copy of the operating system, which is a preview version (Builds) and does not guarantee the stability or security of the system. Downloading it is not just a file hacking action But the The vulnerability that cybercriminals can exploit.

What is known about Windows 11

New user experience in Windows 11, folders change
New user experience in Windows 11, folders change

An internal copy of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has been leaked on various forums for weeks. Chinese site Baidu Images of the user interface of what could be called Windows 11 were uploaded (in this sense, the company was going to stop developing Windows 10X, as the subsequent operating system of Windows 10 was supposed to be called, to work on this project).

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According to the information received from Windows Central (In addition to other leaks such as the one published by journalist Tom Warren on The Verge), the company is working on Windows 11, an operating system with a feature New user experience (User Experience). It will be revealed on June 24 at the company’s event.

The leak confirmed that the talk about “Windows 11” will be true It shows Microsoft’s new desktop user interface along with other changes and improvements to the operating system. Its user interface focuses on the style of what was known from Windows 10X with a new design of the start menu and also an animated start button.

This is what the new Windows 11 (Windows Central) will look like
This is what the new Windows 11 (Windows Central) will look like

Also, Application windows will be rounded, With More modern design, ccolorful hooks (instead of the classic yellow), a Try a new setup and the new sounds.

The leak also highlights that there will be New virtual wallpapers And a new panel fromwidgets“for calendar, news, weather and other topics. According to the leaked information, Windows 11 can have different editions that focus on different needs, thus Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise, Home and more will appear.

This new OS may be available as a routine update at the end of October this year., And therefore Free For all current Windows 10 devices. However, Users will likely have the option to postpone the update for a later time.

Likewise, it has been shown that the new Windows 10 operating system, for business use, can coexist for some time with this new version to allow businesses to adapt to the new user experience.

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