A container loaded with gold has been stolen from a Canadian airport

This Monday, carry a container More than $15 million in gold and “high-value” goods have disappeared from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Canadian police are investigating who is behind the millionaire’s robbery.

Monday afternoon a plane landed at an airport in the province of Ontario. Inside it was a file A shipment worth not less than 100 million US dollars. Shortly after its arrival, the container was stored in a warehouse leased by the corporation from a third party, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority confirmed to CTV News.

It was from this place that A.S A group of thieves seized $14.8 million in gold bars and precious metals. According to official information, the stolen cargo weighs more than one and a half tons.

Regional Inspector of Police Bell Stephen Duivesteyn told a news conference that “High value container illegally removed from the facility”The more they don’t know who did the robbery and how they carried it out. Likewise, the uniformed officer did not clarify whether the event was recorded on security cameras, which airline was responsible for transporting the cargo and to whom it belonged.

“What I can tell you is that the container contains a high value shipment, Contains gold but is not exclusively gold and contains other items of monetary valueHe explained. “Our researchers are looking at all possibilities. We are evaluating from all angles how it was stolen.” The authorities conducting the investigation Suspicious local organized crime groups. On the other hand, according to The Toronto Sun, The attackers had obtained information from someone inside the airport.

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The same newspaper also revealed that the cargo could have been transported in a pickup truck without the need for a large deployment of means. In addition, they indicated that Thieves stole 1,600 kilograms of gold and precious metals. Ontario, the northeastern province of the United States where the theft took place, is known for producing a fifth of all minerals mined in Canada.

Duivesteyn confirmed it The robbery was “an extremely rare incident,” she said, adding that it was an isolated incident of travellerswhich did not threaten their security at all. Finally, the inspector noted that it was still too early to say whether it was a professional robbery or a “crime of opportunity”.

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