A concert that brings a touch of pop to the coronation of King Carlos III

London, May 7 (EFE). On Sunday in front of Windsor Castle, a variety of musical artists provided an unofficial parallel to the celebration of the coronation of King Charles III, which is being celebrated this weekend in the UK.

The show, without excessive musical coherence but colorful and light, brought together singers like Katy Perry with old glories like Lionel Richie and Take That, as well as the recorded intervention of celebrities like Tom Cruise or Pierce Brosnan.

Organized by the BBC, on a stage in the shape of the Union Jack (the flag of the United Kingdom), the ceremony in the presidential balcony was presided over by King Charles III and King Camilla, accompanied by the Crown Prince. William and other members of the royal family.

Specifically, Guillermo brought an introspective moment to the show, with a short speech in which he wanted to thank his father “for 50 years of service,” as well as remembering his late grandmother, Isabel II.

“Father, we are all so proud of you,” said the Prince of Wales, as cameras showed the monarch with his wife, Queen Camilla, as well as William’s wife, Catherine, and their eldest children, George and Charlotte.

Elizabeth II was quoted as saying that “the coronation is a declaration of our hopes for the future”, and he was convinced that she was “out there, watching us with love, and would be a very proud mother”.

“My father’s first words when he entered Westminster Abbey yesterday (during the coronation) were a promise to serve, a promise to continue to serve. Because for more than 50 years, in every corner of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the world have devoted themselves to the service,” said Guillermo.

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He expressed his “pride and gratitude” towards the “millions of people who serve in the armed forces, classrooms, hospitals and communities”, and pledged to “serve all: king, country and commonwealth”.

From Peggy to James Bond

If the monarchy is one of the main products that the United Kingdom exports abroad, something similar can be said of its popular culture, which always has a place whatever the celebration of its turn, from the Olympic Games to coronations.

One of the most famous James Bonds on the big screen, Pierce Brosnan, appeared in a recorded message to remind the audience of some intriguing facts about the king, such as that he was the longest serving Prince of Wales in history, over 64 years old.

Also in a recorded message, Hollywood star Tom Cruise appeared aboard a fighter-bomber, who wanted to tell Carlos that “from pilot to pilot, he could be my wingman,” referring to the King’s military past.

In the bizarre mix of the show, there was no shortage of “muppets” of Peggy the Pig and Kermit the Frog, which made the King of the United Kingdom burst out laughing.

The 20,000 attendees, chosen by lottery, seemed to be having a great time waving their “Union Jack” flags.

In addition to performances by Andrea Bocelli, who sang with Bryn Terfel the unofficial Liverpool anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, by Lionel Richie or Katy Perry, the greatest signs of amazement were the hovering of luminous drones that made shapes in the London night sky.

The coronation work will have its last day tomorrow, Monday, when thousands of Britons will be called upon to volunteer for what has been called The Great Help.

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