A completely burned train passes through the center of a Canadian city

The driver, by chance, records the moment when A The train passes completely in flames Through the London Centre, Ontario (Canada). The Canadian Pacific Railway's Kansas City (CPKCR) train cars were burning as the convoy moved.

Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of firefighters in London, No one was hurt The fire was extinguished in less than an hour and a half, according to CBC. The train eventually stopped in the area of ​​Richmond Street and Pall Mall Street, a residential section. This happened on April 21, and the authorities are investigating the cause.

The fire appears to have started in freight cars between Richmond Street and Pall Mall Road. CBC, a Canadian media outlet, explains that the cars carrying dangerous goods were broken before the rest caught fire, so there were no dangerous materials when the fire engulfed the train.

Witnesses called 911 to report what they had just seen and what had happened Firefighters were able to put out the fire In about an hour and twenty.

“Thanks to multiple 911 calls alerting our communications operations to the fire that broke out on an eastbound train passing Oxford Street. We were able to get to the scene and contain the fire downtown very quickly with limited damage and no injuries. Great job by firefighters,” the firefighters write. In London on their account “X” (formerly Twitter).

“The incident remains under investigation. We thank London's first responders for their effective response to last night's fire,” CPKCR spokesperson Thierry Cunha wrote in a statement sent to CBC News.

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Malcolm Cairns, on behalf of the railway company, explained that the Transportation Safety Board “will review the incident” and speak with witnesses to determine the cause of the fire and whether procedures were followed. “We will treat everything as arson until proven otherwise,” they say.

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