A Colombian scientist is listed in the National Academy of Sciences of the United States

Anna Maria Re She is a physicist from the University of Los Andes, holds a Ph.D. in the same discipline from the University of Maryland and did a postdoctoral residency at the Harvard Smithsonian Center. To the long list of benefits that this brings Colombian scientist added to be included in National Academy of Sciences From the United States (NAS).

Ray was born in Bogotá in 1977 and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado. Focuses his research on physical Atomic, molecular and optical.

Rey’s penchant for majors Yanbu (abbreviations in English for science, technology, engineering and mathematics) date back to his school years. From the age of 15, she started her studies in Physics and with her dedication got one of the best scores in the state exams, Icfes, for which she studied with a scholarship at University of the Andes.

The encouragement offered by the Colombian University will not be the only one, because thanks to his academic performance and receiving a mention magna cum laudeIn 1999, she received a scholarship from the University of Maryland to conduct her doctoral studies.

His research contributed to the development of Quantitative statisticsAs his studies in mechanics are directed at the control of cold atoms as well as their interactions.

This knowledge is applied in the construction of measuring instruments with great accuracy, such as atomic clocks, which are known for their ability to maintain accuracy and stability in measurements.

His contributions to scientific knowledge are not limited to his research, he also joined the Mission of Elders, which was created during Ivan Duque’s administration, in order to generate diagnoses and strategies to encourage scientific development in the country.

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This is not the first Colombian confession. In 2015 he was awarded an “APS Fellow” by the American Physical Society; in 2013 he was awarded the Presidential Scholar Award given by the White House; In the same year he was awarded a scholarship from the MacArthur Foundation.

However, this new recognition places the Colombian as one of the scientific Most relevant to the international academic scene, as well as a role model for women seeking to create a career in this knowledge field, where strong gender gaps still exist.

It is a private, non-profit organization made up of academics in the natural sciences with a proven track record. Created in 1863, the act of Congress that established its work was signed by Abraham Lincoln and part of its functions is to advise the US government on issues related to Sciences technology.

To be elected as a member, an individual must have significant contributions to research and selection is made by members of the Academy. Many of its members are Nobel laureates.

Ray was selected to be one of the international members, along with 22 other scholars. The NAS also included 120 other worlds, but in this case of American origin.

From the foundation, they explained, “Those elected today bring the total number of active members to 2,565 and the total number of international members to 526. International members are members of the Academy without voting rights, and have citizenship outside the United States.”

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