A Colombian family traveled to Brazil to watch the Copa America: when they arrived they realized it was without an audience | Chronicle

family traveled to Brazil to attend matches America’s Cup, But Little did they know that the controversial Nations Championship was held without an audience in stadiums. Apparently, the unfortunate and uninformed fans were left in a thorn that the tournament is not held in their country, so they decided to attend the competition, wherever it is held.

The Colombians belong to the Calderon family, who lives in the United States, and since the albatidos in that country are already played with the public, they believed that Brazil The same thing happened.

“The logical thing is that it has an audience, originally Colombia It will be 30 percent occupied. We thought it would be the same.”said Calderones, who would stay in Rio de Janeiro anyway.

In this way, the Colombians would devote themselves to walking through Cuiaba, Goiania and Rio de Janeiro, because they wanted to watch the four matches that the Colombian team will play in Group A against him. BrazilVenezuela, Peru and Ecuador.

Despite everything, the Calderon family approached the matter with humor and even approached the hotel where their compatriots were staying, which defeated Ecuador 1-0. In addition, it has already been reported that their team drew 0-0 against Venezuela.

Users of social networks were not silenced by what happened and were ridiculed from top to bottom with thousands of memes.

On Wednesday, the Colombian team will play 23 difficult matches against the host. Brazil, which came from beating Venezuela and Peru 3-0 and 4-0, respectively.

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