A clever decision from a chemistry teacher with a world cup album for his students to learn

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Use it as a pedagogical tool and modify it to explain a difficult topic. Before, everyone failed and managed to change the situation.

Christian Quilutay was worried. Professor of Physical Chemistry, all 3rd year students failed the binary compound naming test. Sleepless and somewhat frustrated with the overall result “And because those who don’t usually fail,” the 30-year-old teacher looked for a way to do just that. to stimulate for their students to spruce up the following week.

In the middle of his sleepless night he began to think how he could capture them. She appealed to creativity considering the prosperity of the Mundial album and the scarcity of statues. I was lucky that this hook worked. It was very enriching, first because of the active participation of all the students and then because of The results were very positive,” says the professor who It works in eight schools in the province of Buenos Aires.

“I’m aware of Don’t give up on traditional methods -Quillotay stresses, because when students begin an academic journey beyond the secondary level, they will find that they will be assessed in the traditional way, but The important thing was to save, because they were excited and roasted. It’s really hard to get their attention.”

Christian Quillotay created an album similar to the World Cup to test the recovery of physical chemistry.

Quillotay is a young man who is passionate about his job, and notes that his greatest task as a teacher is to make his students feel cared for. He emphasizes that “sometimes It is not easy to overcome reluctance and indifference that distract and confuse them.”

Inside the 6-page album created by Christian Quillotay.
Inside the 6-page album created by Christian Quillotay.

How did you adapt the World Cup album to the physicochemical test? “They had in the album photos the names of the binary compounds and in the small forms the molecular formulas of the mentioned compounds,” the instruction explains Professor Received at the Teacher Training Institute in Lomas de Zamora.

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So he designed an album similar to the one in Qatar – with the same colors and style – but 6 pages with space of 12 characters each. Created with the Camba computer program and the shapes were created and cut by hand with the name of the vehicles. Then, with his own money, he photographed the album and the 72 statues for each of his 30 students from the Instituto Nuestra Señora de Lujan.

"The vice principal, who found out after evaluation, told me it was an excellent idea"says Quillotay.
“It’s an excellent idea,” Quillotay says.

“I took all the subjects to school and gave each student 12 random numbers, which they had to complete according to the instructions. In every shell there was some kind of compoundAnd the Then, noticing the small shape that was given to them, they had to select it, go to the correct page and paste it in the indicated sector. You had to study to do wellIt was not a matter of guesswork. worked and was like compensation from both parties, Because even though there was a lack of study in the first test, I also felt, deep down, that I had failed.”

The deputy principal who was going through a full assessment was surprised by the enthusiasm she noticed from outside the class. “she was private initiative It was not necessary to consult because it is within the curriculum design criteria. But when I explained to her what it consisted of, she was very satisfied, and told me that it was leitmotif“.

"I'm trying to seduce students with this issue, and I'm trying
“I try to seduce students with the subject, I try to ‘sell’ them physical chemistry,” says teacher Quillotay.

I was surprised by the call ClarionQuillotay says that “a lot of times we have good ideas like this, what happens is that they stay inside the classroom, and they don’t move past, but this time the cell phone published this implementation and Today I can proudly talk about something very positive that happenedWhich gives me more polenta because I see how the kids work together.”

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On the other hand, the teacher explains, “The evaluative method of my subject allows me to resort to applications outside the ordinary in the classroom. I sell physics and chemistry to students and seduce them, because it’s a subject with bad press… It’s hard, complicated, boring. But I tell them that Chemical reactions are present in our daily life“.

Students celebrate the homemade lab in a physical chemistry class.
Students celebrate the homemade lab in a physical chemistry class.

Once you see Quillotay, you can feel his desire at the front of the classroom. “Of course, I tell them we breathe oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. Or the combustion that happens when we light a stove or what happens when we cut an apple and it comes into contact with the oxygen. I like to ask them, challenge them Well, something like that happened with the World Cup album.”

When it is necessary, the teacher says that he suggests students to set up a laboratory in the classroom or in the yard. “We balance the innovative with the traditional, we shouldn’t take them out of habit either – smiles -. Some time ago we were making laundry soap and before we made alcohol gel. It’s good for numbers, symbols, and theory to become real things. This motivates the students a lot.”

Since Quillotay works in seven other schools, its principals are aware of the move, They asked him if he could implement “album format”.Which the professor assured them puffed up in his chest that it was. “This format is broad and inclusive and as I said my subject matter allows me to get creative. So I’m going back to the album.”

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Quillotay says he’s a “roving teacher,” moving from one school to another,”To gather eight little soldiers form one a little more worthy.”. Not seeing himself at the head of the class for another twenty years, he explained, “I am enjoying it very much today, but I would like to continue teaching but from somewhere else, perhaps as a school principal, implementing other ideas, or forming part of the educational system.”


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